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  • Date: 22-01-2014, 14:47
22-01-2014, 14:47

Elcad 7.6 ( Hardlock dongle )

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Elcad 7.6 ( Hardlock dongle )




Test ELCAD 7.6
Experience the Power of ELCAD 7, absolutely free and without obligation. We offer ELCAD 7, which is available via download from our website (approx. 250 MB) or by ordering directly from AUCOTEC.
Apart from the limitation of 8 circuit diagrams per project or 100 items per project, the range of features in Download Mode in the fields of construction and list editing, is almost identical to the licensed version of ELCAD 7.

ELCAD 7 offers you, absolutely free and without obligation, the following features:

  • The ELCAD Demo Mode runs without time limitation. You can test it whenever you like

  • Full range of function in the fields of construction and list editing

  • Integrated functions of ELCAD Studio, the object-oriented solution for modular electric design

  • Unlimited number of projects, but a limited number of sheets per project

  • Maximum of 8 circuit diagram sheets or 100 items per project

  • Complete IEC symbol library

  • List export via ODBC (EXCEL, ACCESS...) for integration into your OFFICE world

  • Integrated master data, macros and template drawings

  • Integration of PLC assignment lists

The licensed ELCAD 7 Version offers even more potential for automation:

  • Unlimited number of circuit diagrams per project

  • Conversion of documents to DWG, EPL, DXF, PDF, TIFF, VNS ...

  • Layout and cable diagrams

  • Freely definable list structures

  • Full automation by command language and compiler

  • SAP interface and EDM integration

  • Hardware Configuration Link

  • AUCOTEC Data Service Integration

  • Interfaces for manufacturing can be called directly from the following systems: Phoenix, Weidmüller, Wago ..


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  • Author: vipsoft
  • Date: 22-01-2014, 14:37
22-01-2014, 14:37

Textronics Design Dobby 2012 - Integra

Category: Textile

Textronics  Design Dobby  2012 -  Integra


Textronics  Design Dobby  2012 -  Integra


Textronics  Design Dobby  2012 -  Integra




The textile designing canvas was never this user-friendly.

Presenting Textronics' Design Dobby - a technology-enabled extension of your creative mind! Design Dobby allows you to create and translate your ideas, themes, moods and concepts into real life outputs.

With Design Dobby, Designers can concentrate on the finer aspects of their creations without getting into machine specific details like color values, codes and other technicalities.

Design Dobby offers a comprehensive and efficient user interface that allows users to specify, construct, visualize, and execute designs in real time. It can automatically insert weave structures at specific areas, add desirable warp and weft structures to your textile designs, and integrate colors as per your loom.


Design Dobby creates perfect, true-to-life simulation for all type of fabrics - yarn dyed Classic Fine Cotton, Large and Casual fabrics, Linen, Mélange, Fancy Yarn etc.

Accuracy of size and effect is handled to perfection for variable density dobby and extra warp effects. Weft cramming, empty dents and furnishing fabric can be simulated easily.

Design Dobby Screen Layout
3D Simulations

Textronics' Design Dobby is the only CAD system that dominates the 2D as well as 3D simulation arena. It is more than linear interlacements of warp and weft fabrics, it is a real-time 3D weaving software that calculates the depth and creates exceptional surface effects like

Other Effects

  • Multi-denting
  • Terry Towel


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  • Date: 22-01-2014, 14:32
22-01-2014, 14:32

DataGeosis Office ( Full modules )

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

DataGeosis Office ( Full modules )





DataGeosis, el software de Topografía y Geodesia!

En el número 44 de la revista InfoGNSS la DataGeosis fue considerado el mejor software de Topografia en Brazil, por su combinación única de costo-efectividad y facilidad de manejo en comparación con las otras opciones del mercado.

Se trata de años de crecimiento continuo en ventas, lo que demuestra que el programa poco a poco hay conquistado Brasil y hoy es una referencia para el procesamiento de datos topográficos.

En 2011, se destacó el lanzamiento del menú de Georeferenciación, que ofrece una automatización completa para la georeferenciación de los bienes al servicio de la segunda norma georeferenciación LEY 10.267 propiedades rurales y era considerado por muchos expertos como la mejor herramienta para optimizar el trabajo del inspector.

Y para el año 2012, la noticia no se detiene. El DataGeosis ahora también tiene un menú centrado en la agricultura de precisión, que promete revolucionar el mercado.

Para obtener más información acerca de cada módulo y sus descripciones técnicas, haga clic en Versiónes



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22-01-2014, 13:55

Cerion LC 1.0

Category: Other Software

Cerion LC  1.0


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  • Date: 22-01-2014, 13:07
22-01-2014, 13:07

Bullmer Assyst 11 Cad Cam & V12 With Automarker

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Bullmer Assyst 11 Cad Cam & V12 With Automarker


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