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Polyworks V10

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Polyworks V10

ROMER is pleased to offer PolyWorks™ software with its ScanShark system.

PolyWorks/Inspector™ is a powerful software solution that uses high-density point clouds and contact-probe datasets to control the quality of parts and tools at every phase of your manufacturing process.

Inspector allows users to:

• Use high-density point clouds and contact-probe datasets of digitized prototype parts & assemblies to quickly identify deformations and to fix problems in the earlier stage of the manufacturing process.

• Approve your manufacturing process by fully inspecting your first-assembled products.

• Monitor the production cycle by automatically measuring the wear of tools and quickly detecting any abrupt degradation in product quality.

• Verify the compliance of final manufactured and assembled products through sample check inspection using automated techniques.

PolyWorks/Modeler™ is a comprehensive software solution for creating accurate and smooth polygonal models and NURBS surfaces from high-density point clouds. Preferred by automotive design studios worldwide, PolyWorks/Modeler is the only software solution that has demonstrated the capability of creating class A polygonal models for stringent polygonal manufacturing applications such as 3-axis & 5-axis milling, aerodynamic simulation, and digital review. PolyWorks/Modeler also offers a powerful rapid surfacing methodology that delivers the most usable NURBS surfaces in CAD software such as CATIA and UG.

Polyworks V10

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