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ArcoCad V3

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ArcoCad V3

ArcoCad V3

ArcoCad V3

ArcoCad V3

ArcoCad V3

Metrostaff and Metris announce the agreement in the licensing of ARCO QUICK

Metris and Metrostaff announce the signature of a licensing contract for the source code of ARCO Quick,this agreement fits in the common strategy to guarantee a better control of the software with the issue of new releases on a regular base. Metrostaff is now in the position to further develop and update the ARCO CAD product range with new capabilities, as hardware connectivity and CAD data processing.
Part of the agreement includes the integration of Metris laser scanners in ARCO CAD software.
Both the OEM and the End User will get benefit from this agreement with the optical inspection capabilities integrated in ARCO CAD software for CMM metrology


The new powerful, user-friendly and modular measuring software

Measuring software based on DMIS language

An integrated solution for measuring prismatic elements of edges and free surfaces.

Direct import of native CAD formats (PRO-E, CATIA V4, CATIA V5, UNIGRAPHICS) and neutral formats (IGES, VDA, DXF).

Available for manual, point-to-point and continuous scanning measurement

The inspection and reverse engineering of profiles is very fast.

Powered by strong tools for graphic programming

The flexible module for graphical output allows to create custom reports

Graphic results output can be exported both in statistical format (QS-STAT and SPC LIGHT) and electronic document (HTML, PDF, MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL, TIFF).

Extremely powerful use of dual arm measuring system.

The modern software architecture allows modular development: the integration of custom component is immediate.
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