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  • Date: 15-02-2012, 12:14
15-02-2012, 12:14

3Shape Dental System 2.7 2012

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

3Shape Dental System 2.7  2012

3Shape Dental System 2.7  2012

CAD Design
3Shape CAD Design Software
Used in thousands of labs worldwide. Interested?
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CAD/CAM Design

3Shape Dental SystemTM is known throughout the dental industry as the most powerful CAD/CAM design system in the world.

Empowering technicians with automation and productivity
3Shape's CAD Design software supports familiar workflows, provides the market's most comprehensive dental indication support and greatly enhances productivity through extensive automation.

Continuous support - we are always behind you
3Shape's Dental SystemTM is backed by professional technical customer support and dedicated 3Shape Academy training programs.
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Newest features in Dental System™ 2012
include: Model Builder™, 3Shape Communicate™, Digital Temporaries & Virtual Diagnostic Wax-Ups, 2D Image Overlays, Optimized Dynamic Virtual Articulation and Smile Composer™.

With a 3Shape license you stay ahead
Your annual Dental SystemTM license entitles you to free system patches and software upgrades, ensuring that you continuously maintain your competitive edge by working with the best technologies available.

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  • Date: 15-02-2012, 13:38
15-02-2012, 13:38

ArcoCad V3

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

ArcoCad V3

ArcoCad V3

ArcoCad V3

ArcoCad V3

ArcoCad V3

Metrostaff and Metris announce the agreement in the licensing of ARCO QUICK

Metris and Metrostaff announce the signature of a licensing contract for the source code of ARCO Quick,this agreement fits in the common strategy to guarantee a better control of the software with the issue of new releases on a regular base. Metrostaff is now in the position to further develop and update the ARCO CAD product range with new capabilities, as hardware connectivity and CAD data processing.
Part of the agreement includes the integration of Metris laser scanners in ARCO CAD software.
Both the OEM and the End User will get benefit from this agreement with the optical inspection capabilities integrated in ARCO CAD software for CMM metrology


The new powerful, user-friendly and modular measuring software

Measuring software based on DMIS language

An integrated solution for measuring prismatic elements of edges and free surfaces.

Direct import of native CAD formats (PRO-E, CATIA V4, CATIA V5, UNIGRAPHICS) and neutral formats (IGES, VDA, DXF).

Available for manual, point-to-point and continuous scanning measurement

The inspection and reverse engineering of profiles is very fast.

Powered by strong tools for graphic programming

The flexible module for graphical output allows to create custom reports

Graphic results output can be exported both in statistical format (QS-STAT and SPC LIGHT) and electronic document (HTML, PDF, MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL, TIFF).

Extremely powerful use of dual arm measuring system.

The modern software architecture allows modular development: the integration of custom component is immediate.

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  • Date: 15-02-2012, 13:40
15-02-2012, 13:40

Planit AlphaCam 2011

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Planit AlphaCam 2011

Alphacam is a leading CAM solution for wood, stone, composites and metal components from 2 Axis through to 5 Axis NC programming applications. The emphasis behind the development of Alphacam is to provide our customers with productivity, reliability, and flexibility. Improving these attributes in any company will help increase profitability.

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  • Date: 15-02-2012, 13:45
15-02-2012, 13:45

Bysoft Bybase 6.8.1

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Bysoft Bybase 6.8.1

Bysoft Bybase 6.8.1

Bysoft – The backbone of your File-to-Part process chain
Bysoft is the program package developed by Bystronic for all cutting and bending processes. Bysoft embodies the highest of efficiency: It is optimally tuned to Bystronic machine systems and more than any other software permits the optimum use of all aspects of the cutting and bending technologies.
Software for sheet processing

Constructing individual 2-D parts

Creating cutting programs

Vectorization of pictures

Plant Manager Cutting
Unrivalled efficiency for order processing and production


Software for processing tubes

Parameterized construction of tube parts

Creation of tube-cutting programs

Software for bending

Creation of bending process data
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  • Date: 15-02-2012, 13:47
15-02-2012, 13:47

Bysoft Compendium Laser 2010

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Bysoft Compendium Laser 2010

· To provide a simple, electronic operating manual for the current Bystronic series machines

· To use the existing document formats

· To make the many thousands of pages of the operating instructions portable to notebook/PC screen, display and print them out easily

· To offer A4 document format simply displayed on the screen

· To ensure very simple access functions (links)

· To use a license-free standard software (Acrobat Reader) to display the documents on the screen and print them out

· To run as a single user version (with DVD) and as a network version (multi-user capability)

· Language versions
- User prompting in German and English
- Operating instruction chapters in the existing languages
- (as a rule German and English)

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  • Date: 15-02-2012, 13:54
15-02-2012, 13:54

Cni Informatica CAD/3 3.61

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Cni Informatica CAD/3 3.61

Conventions adopted in this documentation.
There are several conventions (standard Window application terms and procedures) that the
operator should be aware of before starting to work with this C.A.D. / C.A.M. package.
If you are conversant with Windows and the standards it uses for user interface, you can skip this
introduction, otherwise we strongly recommend that you read it before proceeding.
In any event, we recommend that the operator consults the Glossary of technical terms. This
will ensure easier comprehension of the explanatory notes in this documentation.
This documentation, which is supplied with each installation of the "CAD/3" software package,
is available in various forms; it is therefore possible to consult it in the form of on-line help on
the computer, or in the hard copy manual version.
The manual is divided into "Chapters" and "Headings", while the on-line help is divided
according to "Topics".
Each heading of the manual corresponds to a Help topic, describing in full each individual
command of the "CAD/3" package.
All the commands implemented in this C.A.D. system are sorted according to topic and included
in 10 Pull-down menus.
Each pull-down menu has a title, all 10 of which are displayed in the Menu bar.
Moreover, many of the more frequently used commands in this C.A.D. system are provided in
the form of Icons.
Also the icons are sorted according to the same method used for the commands, so that the
Toolboxes have the same title as the pull-down menus to which they relate.
Almost all the commands of this C.A.D. system, once they have been activated, call up the
relevant Dialog-box to guide the operator and facilitate data input.
A dialog-box is normally composed of a Caption, one or more Edit fields, one or more Selectable
options, and one or more Command button.
All the commands in this "CAD/3" package can be activated either using the Keys on the
keyboard or the Mouse.
However, the most effective solution is to use both the keyboard and the mouse, depending on
the circumstances.
We therefore recommend that the operator should read the information under Using the mouse
and Using the keys.
If you are using the on-line Help you will note that there are several words highlighted in green.
There are two types:
- normal - with broken underlining,
- bold - with continuous underlining,
Furthermore, by positioning the cursor (normally an arrow symbol) on these text items, they will
switch to a pointing hand symbol with the index finger raised. See below.

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  • Date: 15-02-2012, 14:51
15-02-2012, 14:51

NC-Konverter Bystronic

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

NC-Konverter Bystronic

NC-Konverter Bystronic - Adige
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Amada Fanuc
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Apolda NBS400
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Balliu
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Cincinnati CL7
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Cincinnati CL707
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Esab
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Flow
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Mazak
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Messer
NC-Konverter Bystronic - MesserGriessheim
NC-Konverter Bystronic - MesserGriessheim Burney
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Microstep
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Platino
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Platino CP4000
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Robotronic
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Trumpf Bosch
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Trumpf Sinumerik
NC-Konverter Bystronic - Zinser

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  • Date: 15-02-2012, 16:06
15-02-2012, 16:06

Magicad 2009.11 x86 + x64

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Magicad 2009.11 x86 + x64

Productivity for AutoCAD and Revit

MagiCAD's is the The professional's choice for building services design on AutoCAD and Revit ,
MagiCAD in brief

• Design with real products from leading manufacturers
• Calculate while you are designing
• Design in 2D and 3D
• Collision control for installations and the building
• Experience from thousands of projects
• Plugins for faster product selection
• Ready for BIM

MagiCAD in detail

Design with real products from leading manufacturers

MagiCAD contains Europe’s largest database, with hundreds of thousands of products from leading international manufacturers. The products have correct dimension and all relevant technical data. This means your calculations are accurate and the installations can follow your design. Contractors know they can work as planned, saving time and improving quality. New products and manufacturers are introduced into MagiCAD constantly. The products are available free of charge for both MagiCAD for AutoCAD and MagiCAD for Revit users.
Calculate while you are designing

MagiCAD provides sizing, balancing, flow route examination, different sound calculations, heat loss calculations and bill of material functions. Take full advantage of these functions and you will increase your productivity. When designing for example a ventilation system, you can draw everything with one duct or pipe size and then let MagiCAD do the sizing. It is fast and very efficient. Another basic function in MagiCAD is automatic sound calculations. You get a full and detailed report on sound attenuation, sound generation and sound levels.


Design in 2D and 3D

If you prefer to work only in 2D, you won’t even notice that MagiCAD produces a 3D model in the background. And it also works the other way around. Produce a 3D model, and all you need for printing 2D drawings is produced automatically. You can have a 2D and 3D view open at the same time. Any change you make in one view is automatically updated to the other view.

Collision control for installations and the building

MagiCAD’s collision control covers all electrical and HVAC systems. You can even check for collisions with the buildings structure, directly from a reference drawing. Collision control saves time and makes cooperation among project partners very easy. The risk for running into installation problems on site is minimized.

Collision and sections

Making cross-sections is easy. Place the section marks and show the area and direction - MagiCAD creates the cross-section automatically. When you modify the plan drawing you can update the cross-section with a couple of clicks.

Plugins for faster product selection

Many manufacturers develop special software for calculation and product selection, particularly for more complex products and systems such as air handling units (AHUs).

Plugins are used for connecting this software with MagiCAD. When you have selected the right product you can import and place it in the MagiCAD model as any other intelligent MagiCAD object.

Experiences from thousands of projects

With two updates out every year, MagICAD evolves at a steady pace to be in tune with your demands. We keep the benefits of being easy to learn and easy to use, and add new features and functions.


More than 10,000 licenses are sold to building services designers in Europe, Russia, China and other parts of the world. The company developing MagiCAD is Progman Oy, with headquarters in Finland. Progman has more than 25 years of experience in developing software for the building industry.

Ready for BIM

When designing with MagiCAD, you have all it takes to be part of any BIM - Building Information Modeling - project.

A BIM workflow can improve quality and save money throughout the project:
• Making changes is easier
• Updates and revisions are available to all project members
• Coordination with construction is easier
• MagiCAD models allows for efficient collision control
• Production of accurate bills of materials improves cost control and installation planning
• Energy calculations are more reliable when the building structure and installations are integrated into one model
• And you can make attractive visualizations with high-quality 3D images and animations in Navisworks and other applications.

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  • Date: 15-02-2012, 17:13
15-02-2012, 17:13

Perfect Cut V6

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Perfect Cut V6

Perfect Cut optimizer main characteristics are the following:

Minimum scrap.

Easy sectioning.

Optimized cutting lines to obtain reusable tails and sectioning.

Optimized cutting path, with path display, also available "step by step".

Interface towards the most commonly used NC, both by serial port and floppy disk (COPMES, ITALMEC, ELETTROFLEX, IANUA, TRE STELLE, VALMAC, TECNOMETAL, BAVELLONI, BYSTRONIC, BOTTERO, FOREL, INTERMAC, GFPM, CSM).
Perfect Cut screenshot
(click to enlarge the picture)

Any printer that can be configured in WINDOWS environment can be used.

Double-glazing management, with automatic division in sub-groups according to the number of families used, with sticker management.

Possibility of entering cutting orders even with different material families, with automatic decomposition into sub-problems.

Complete and powerful printing.

Label printing that can be personalized according to the customer's needs.

Reusable tails management, divided according to material families.

Grinding management (it can be different for each side).

Tenth of a millimetre or standard and Taiwan inch measurements.

Optimized management of measurement tolerance (set a one millimetre tolerance on pieces size sometimes can reduce tails significantly).

Management of trimming, of the minimum distance between the last piece to cut and the sheet edge and of the minimum distance between the Z cut and the X cut (necessary to break the glass).

Optimized edge management (allows stopping exactly on the edge in case of a well trimmed sheet).

Z strip management to bypass minimum cutting distance limit.

Vein direction management (for glasses with set direction).

Management of the tolerance on the number of cut pieces (useful for standard orders, in order to finish the sheet).

Management of the possible direction limit on the first cut.

Management of the limit on the maximum number of different measures in the same cutting layout.

Management of the limit imposing that all parts of one double-glazing must be cut within the same layout.

Measurements priorities management (which pieces have to be cut first).

Possibility of ordering cutting layouts according to sheet dimensions.

"Scrap recovery" management, optimizing reusable tail dimensions.

Staggered glass management (also in case of different grinding and dimensions of pieces).

Holes and simple squares can be inserted directly on the piece.

Possibility of setting postprocessor at family level (e.g. float can be cut by one machine type and stratified component by another type).

Description, customer, order and processing displayed on the cutting layout.

3 note fields for labels.

Possible batch mode processing (processing sequence launching, printing, etc.).

Possibility of deleting some layouts (e.g. last sheet not completed) moving pieces still to be cut on a new project, giving it a higher priority to complete previous orders.

Highly configurable.

Possible remote activation of software options.

Problem import/export to/towards ascii files, with the possibility to queue problems.

Interface towards channel bending machines: Lisec, Forel, Valmac and Rjukan.

Cost indication for estimates.

Processing time can be set and monitored.

Background optimization and printing (other activities can be carried out at the same time, like entering new data from a new project).

Direct interface towards shapes (proprietor format, DXF, parametric), that can be activated directly from the optimizer or from the management module, with the possibility of using "methods" such as mirroring, grinding offset, edging, edge advance, scale factor, automatic elimination of entities or of parts of them near the edge of the square containing the shape.

Perfect Editor

This software allows opening layouts given by the optimizer and modifying pieces position or cutting lines, in order to optimize reusable tail dimensions. Generally it is used for the final sheet, usually uncompleted, to add new pieces and use it completely. It is very simple to use and very effective. It is possible to start a brand new project, moving one sheet from the project window to the cutting layout window and inserting all desired pieces one by one, even in multiple mode (until place remains). The project window is used like a parking area where pieces are inserted to be positioned in a different way or in a different cutting layout. Another useful tool is the indication of the dimensions of the biggest scrap areas, since it allows to know in advance whether a piece can fit there or not. Some operations can be carried out before (Rotation, Duplication, Deleting) by selecting the function and then selecting one or more pieces. Pieces can be moved from one side to the other or from the layout to the parking area, simply dragging the piece to the location desired. It is possible to move an entire transversal before or after another one or at the beginning/end of a cutting layout. It is possible to delete one or more cutting layouts or changing their multiple value. By double-clicking on a cutting line it is possible to invert it (obviously it has to reach a pre-existing cut or the edge). This module is perfectly integrated with Perfect Cut.

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BiesseWorks 2.2

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

BiesseWorks 2.2

BiesseWorks is the new system for programming Biesse machines that combines elevated performance with great ease of use. It is the ideal solution for those who are approaching numerical controlled machinery for the first time as well as for those who already have programming experience. In fact, it is organized on several levels so as to present an extremely simple interface to those who are less expert while, at the same time, allowing the expert user to access sophisticated functions. BiesseWorks is a unified programming system: operator machine interface and office CAD/CAM system. The use of a single system makes it easier for operators to learn and reduces the time required for training. BiesseWorks's open architecture allows managing several machines from a single office programming station. The working environment is fully compatible with the Windows standard to guarantee that it will be as familiar as possible to the user. The interface can be personalized based on the user's needs.

The program editor window is divided into three repositionable sections so that useful information is always visible. The editor handles multiple documents, so it is easy to copy a machining operation from one document to another.

Biesse Works Biesse Works Biesse Works

The program editor window is divided into three repositionable sections so that useful information is always visible. The editor handles multiple documents, so it is easy to copy a machining operation from one document to another.

Biesse Works Biesse Works Biesse Works Biesse Works Biesse Works Biesse Works

BiesseWin is the perfect solution for the parametric design of standard and special windows. This easy to use system provides an entry-level solution for designing and manufacturing windows on Biesse machining centres.

Biesse Works Biesse Works Biesse Works
Biesse Works

BiesseDoor is the perfect solution for the parametric design of standard and special routed doors or door elements. This easy to use system provides an entry-level solution for designing and manufacturing doors on Biesse machining centres.

Biesse Works Biesse Works Biesse Works
Biesse Works

The BIESSE entry-level package for the preparation of optimised machining diagrams in NESTING mode. A simple, effective model for those using this type of process technology for the first time. Perfectly integrated with BiesseWorks, BiesseNest makes nesting of every kind of shape, while using parametric programs.