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Category: Embroidery


Embroidery Explorer
Embroidery Explorer , Design Files Storage, Classified Organization, Advanced Search Engine, Embroidery Format Conversion, Embroidery Web Folders, etc.

Embroidery Database, Collection & Catalog Printouts, CD/DVD Stock Design Collection Builder, Print Format Templates, etc.

Stitch Editing & Lettering
Precise Stitch & Machine Command Editing, Block Editing, Advanced Processing with Patterns Recognition, Convert Block to Wireframe/Object, Stitch Effects (sphere 3d and more), etc.

Fast Lettering, Pre-digitized fonts (more than 100), True Type Font Compatible, Automatic & Manual Character Spacing, Individual Character Scale & position, Predefined & Custom Stitch Styles, Predefined & Custom Text Layouts, Edit Object by Object and Stitch by Stitch, Predefined & Custom Special Text Effects (shadow, trap and more), Monogram, Team Names, etc.

Design Creation & Editing
Auto-digitizing from Raster Files, Auto-digitizing from Vector Files, Standard Stitch Styles: Patterns, ZigZag & Running, Photo-Stitch, Cross-Stitch.

Traditional & Advanced Digitizing, All Digitizing Modes (Standard Clicks, Auto-Trace, Auto-Shape, Instant Stitch), All Input Methods (Path, Columns, Areas w/Holes & more), All Stitch Types: Running Stitches, ZigZag, E Stitches, Programmable Stitches, Cross Stitch, Photo Stitch, Uniform Pattern Fill, Creative Pattern Fill, Elastic Stitches, Flexible Stitches, Radial Stitches, Macro Fill Stitches, Sequin, Chenille, etc.

Object Editing: Full Control of Object Properties. Edit Wireframe (Arcs, Bezier), Block Editing, Block Processing.

And much more...
Component Builders: Create Uniform Patterns, Creative Patterns, Programmable Stitches, Stitch Styles, Stitch Styles, Fonts, Hoops DB, Material DB, etc. Graphic Component Libraries.

Plus: Raster Image Edition & Processing, Vector Image Edition & Processing, Convert Raster to Vector & Vice versa, Expandable Motif Library. Simulation on Workspace. Dynamic Zoom. Document Map, Sequence View, Satellite View, Object Inspector, Navigation Bar. Order Quotes. And much more

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