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20-04-2010, 14:51

SportVAS Soccer 3.1

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SportVAS Soccer 3.1

SportVAS Soccer Video 1.3.x enables you to make compilations based on a flexible label set. In other words, you determine which game moments you want to review and discuss with the players and the coaching staff. You can collect all examples of ball loss, ball possession, switch between offence to defence, corner kicks, free kicks, etc., with a single click of the mouse.

Burn compilation CDs to prepare the players individually or to fine-tune them.

Use the team database.

Link video fragments to tactical drawings: Create synergy between theory and practice.

SportVAS Soccer Video v 1.3.x has been the most successful version of SportVAS so far. It is currently being used by 90% of our clients.

SportVAS Soccer 3.1

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