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3-06-2010, 09:44

Norland Illuminatus DXA 4.1

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Norland Illuminatus DXA 4.1

Key Features that Set Norland DXA Tables Apart:

* The Best Possible Value
Both tables provide accurate, precise readings with ease of use in mind, combined with cutting edge Illuminatus DXA™ software
* EmperiCAL™
The most advanced algorithm for ensuring discrimination between the varying degrees of soft tissue and bone density
* AcuBeam™
Ensures accuracy, efficiency and safety of BMD measurement while minimizing X-ray exposure
* DynaFlux™
Ensures accurate measurement of BMD and body composition in both obese and lean patients. Along with AcuBeam, it minimizes X-ray exposure

Exclusive Hip Sling with the foot separator supports the leg so that the femur is properly and comfortably rotated to always position the femur neck perpendicular to the X-ray beam.

The HiPrecise™ Auto Centering feature ensures that spine data is centered in the region of interest, eliminating the need for time-consuming patient repositioning inherent with other technologies.

Trended Patient Data – short and long term change displays trending of patient data providing the clinician with information useful in determining the success of treatment.

Automated Analysis – makes scan evaluation quicker and more precise. If the patient has been previously scanned, HiPrecise™ uses the original inter-vertebral spacing.

ClearEdge™ - High Density point detection and Exclusion functions warn the operator if metal was detected during the auto centering. This tool allows for include/exclude features, for removing artifact, and Angulated Cursors, for defining inter-vertebral separations of AP spine scans requiring more than just horizontal cursor placement. This is particularly helpful in patients with Scoliosis.

User-Defined Special Regions estimate bone mineral in operator-defined regions of the scan.

ClearEdge’s Ruler Tool provides for displaying linear measurements of anatomical features.

Special applications that are supported

* Pediatric
* Orthopedic
* Research/Small Subject

Illuminatus DXA™ User Interface Software… unparalleled software for Bone Density Assessment

Norland Illuminatus DXA 4.1

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