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  • Date: 5-10-2010, 23:16
5-10-2010, 23:16

BISTRA 2D transient heat transfer free form

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BISTRA  2D transient heat transfer free form

Bitmap input
Same as in BISCO (also drawing and fill tools for bitmap editing)
Additional input of material densities and specific heat values
Thermal conductivities and specific heat values may be temperature dependent (e.g. useful in fire simulations)
Dynamic boundary conditions
Boundary conditions are time dependent functions: constant, steps, periodic, reference climate, fire curve, user defined
Preview (with zoom) of time functions and temperature functions (material properties)
Improved simulation of (non-linear) radiation and convection by use of RADCON module
Dynamic calculation parameters: time step interval; start-up calculation duration to get dynamic start values; calculation duration
Automatic triangulation and view factor calculation
Multiple calculation cycles of linear systems for solving non-linear properties
Temperature calculation at time step intervals using Cranck-Nicolson finite difference method
Recalculation of temperature dependent properties at each time step
Graphic animations (AVI files) of time varying temperatures
Snapshots at any time step
Tables and graphs of time varying temperatures and heat flows
Transient analysis of thermal bridges / construction elements
Dynamic thermal analysis of heating / cooling
Fire engineering (according to Eurocodes)
Ground heat losses (EN ISO 13370) and
frost insulation (EN ISO 13793)
Glass fracture caused by solar radiation
Phase change materials (PCM)

BISTRA  2D transient heat transfer free form

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