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14-03-2012, 14:24

IMMI Noise Prediction 6.3.1a

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IMMI Noise Prediction 6.3.1a

IMMI - The Noise Mapping Software

IMMI covers a wide range of applications ranging from noise mapping to air pollution modelling. IMMI integrates both noise and air pollution in a single software package. In this section we will concentrate on the features of IMMI specifically designed for noise mapping and noise prediction. In these fields, IMMI is one of the leading packages worldwide. With its modular design and price-list, IMMI can be tailored to the user's needs and budgets - ask for details.

IMMI is continuously adapted to meet the requirements of evolving regulations and standards. Depending on the calculation method, IMMI calculates Leq, Lday, Levening, Lnight, Lden, LAmax, L10 and other sound or statistical indicators.

Currently IMMI can be equipped with:

noise calculation methods for road traffic noise, railway traffic noise, air transport noise and industrial/recreational noise
more than 20 national and international noise calculation methods

Noise Mapping gained additional importance with the arrival of Directive 2002/49/EC relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise. IMMI is equipped with a full set of functions to produce Strategic Noise Maps of major roads, major railways, major airports and major agglomerations.

Noise propagation calculation methods according to 2002/49/EC: Road Traffic Noise: XP S 31-133/NMPB+Guide du Bruit - Railway Noise: RMR-SRM II-1996 - Industrial Noise: ISO 9613-2 - Aircraft Noise: ECAC. CEAC Doc. 29 and all European national methods.

3 Packages available! IMMI is available in any of the three following packages, each of which carries a different price tag and more or less features.

IMMI Standard is a comfortable entry-level into the world of noise mapping.
IMMI Plus is the next step upwards to model, calculate, analyse and present projects of varying size.
IMMI Premium is the ultimate professional tool for noise prediction and large-scale noise mapping.

The IMMI user-interface is available in a variety of languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and more to come.

IMMI help system and manuals are available in English and German.

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