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The new NRG is capable of vector cutting and raster marking, equipped with a range of CO2 sealed laser sources the NRG defines a new standard in low cost laser systems. The NRG has been designed to process flat materials providing cutting, marking, piercing, kiss cut, superficial treatments and colour change on material such as plastics, wood, paper, rubber, acrylics, polyesters, teflon, textiles, cork, leather, foam rubber etc.)

Thanks to its flexibility, robust design and outstanding performances the NRG provides a professional laser cutting solution for application such as sign-marking, cardboard, paper, textile, leather, veneer and general converting.

The NRG is designed on basic principles, using quality brushless motors and a new SEI proprietary algorithm provide a smooth accurate movement. The NRG is available in a wide range of working areas from 1600 x 1000mm up to 2000 x 3000mm. with options such as CCD camera, sliding tables and a conveyor.

The new NRG is a class 4 laser system and complies with international safety standards (CE, CDRH, IEC825). Light barriers for additional safety are available as options. Loading and unloading of large sheet material is simplified by easy access from all sides. Materials, (even roll materials) are easily moved by the optional conveyor system.

The laser system is driven by an external computer running Windows XP. and ICARO software (provided with the machine) via LAN connection - Parameters such as power, frequency, processing speed are easily adjusted to obtain the required result on various materials, once adjusted the parameters are saved within the materials library for future use. Drawings in several CAD or graphic formats such as *.plt, *.dxf, *.hpgl *.pcx, *.bmp, *.mcl, besides machine formats can be imported with text and logos being edited via an internal editor.

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