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ATOLL 3.1.0

Category: Telecom Software

ATOLL 3.1.0

Here you'll find information about the general features of Atoll.
For information on technology-specific features, see our technology pages (i.e. GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HSPA, LTE, CDMA2000 1xRTT/EV-DO, TD-SCDMA, WIMAX/BWA, Microwave Links).
GIS Features

Optimised cartographic database supporting:
Digital Elevation Models
Clutter data (type and height)
3D building data (vector/raster)
Traffic data
Scanned maps
Vector data
Population data
Climate data
Integrated cartography editor (vector/raster)
Interface with GIS tools: MapInfo, ArcView, Google Earth
Support for Web Map Services (WMS)

Propagation Modelling

Comprehensive integrated propagation model library
Full support for multi-resolution prediction plots
Automatic propagation model tuning using CW or test mobile data
Pathloss matrix adjustment using prediction/drive test interpolation
CrossWave, a high-performance propagation model
Third-party urban/microcell propagation models (optional)
Integration of external propagation models through an API and a C++ development kit

User and Database Management

Advanced administration module supporting data access and user privilege management
Flexible database structure allowing integration of user-defined parameters and custom fields
Multi-user support including database consistency management, data synchronisation and user disconnection/reconnection from/to the database
Support for standalone/centralised/distributed configurations
Advanced import/export features enabling quick data migration from other radio planning software

Task Automation and Scripting

Scripting language allowing integration of user-defined macros
User-defined calculation batch processing based on macros and scripts

Distributed Computing and Multi-Threading

Multi-threading/parallel computing on multi-procesor systems
Parallel computing on dual-processor systems

Printing and Reports

Flexible report generator including traffic, population and clutter-based statistics
User-defined reports based on macros
Export of reports and prediction plots into other software
Any printing devices supported up to A0

Measurement Module (option)

CW measurements
Import, display and analysis of CW data
Comparison of predictions/measurements and statistical analysis
Automatic propagation model tuning using CW measurements
Drive test data
Import, display and analysis of drive test data
Call event display and analysis
Automatic propagation model tuning using drive test data
Pathloss matrix adjustment using prediction/drive test interpolation

ATOLL 3.1.0

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