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Elitron Leater 3.2.8 ( Pelletterie )

15-02-2012, 14:04. Author: vipsoft
Elitron Leater 3.2.8 ( Pelletterie )

ElitronCad is the first Cad/Cam system of the market thanks to its easiness of use and completeness. Developed under Windows operating system, it is characterized by original and simple solutions that spring from a direct knowledge of the leather goods sector and from an intensive experience in the field of Cad/Cam applications. Besides ElitronCad 2D is an open system, compatible with any other Cad Cam system in the market.
User interface

Itís all on screen, in its icons and menus. ElitronCad has a rational and intuitive user interface. It features a large working area, a top toolbar containing all the functions shared by the modules and floating toolbars for the specific functions of the given module.
The On-line help available in each single phase makes the daily work easy also for operators without computer training.
Modular system

ElitronCad has been designed with complementary and independent modules. You can begin with the most useful modules and then add others as circumstances require.The modules of the ElitronCad for leathergoods are five:

Acquisition: through digitalisation, import or scanning.
Engineering: with specific parametric functions for the 2D designing of leather goods styles.
Pattern collection: quick and precise extraction of pieces from basic pattern.
Nesting: optimal on-screen placement of pieces to be cut.
Consumption: for the material consumption calculation and the production of technical reports.