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  • Date: 19-04-2010, 13:04
19-04-2010, 13:04

ESPRIT Mold™ CAM Software Auton 9

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

ESPRIT	Mold™ CAM Software  Auton 9

ESPRIT Mold™ is an automated, easy-to-use, robust and powerful 3-axis and 5-axis CAM system. Utilizing knowledge of in-process stock, remaining material, and integrated simulation and verification ESPRIT Mold delivers fast, safe and reliable programming for a wide variety of 3D machining applications.

ESPRIT Mold automatically manages the in-process stock model, allowing the user to combine milling strategies from 2 ½ –axis to 5-axis for optimized tool paths. With 20 different milling strategies, ESPRIT Mold is one of the most complete and powerful CAM systems in the market.

ESPRIT Mold™ is a member of the ESPRIT family of CAM software which also includes ESPRIT SolidMill™, ESPRIT SolidTurn™, ESPRIT SolidMillTurn™ and ESPRIT SolidWire™.

ESPRIT	Mold™ CAM Software  Auton 9

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