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ApS-Ethos - Embroidery Software

Category: Embroidery

ApS-Ethos - Embroidery Software

Embroidery Software Levels
Embroidery Management System

The design storage module allows designs to be stored and catalogued. The Organiser module is the ApS-Ethos design storage software.

Editing & Lettering

The Editing and Lettering Software levels enable the user to customise their designs, they include over 150+ high quality lettering styles produced specifically for embroidery. Text can be created or added to an existing design allowing personalisation of garments. The editing capabilities allow stitch designs to be modified and manipulated quickly and easily.

Two levels of Editing & Lettering Software are available within the ApS-Ethos software suite:

This is the ideal software for those companies that are starting to modify and personalise designs.

Creative Writer

Creative Writer is the ultimate Editing and Lettering system that provides complete control over all your designs offering our full range of editing tools.

Digitising Software
Digitising Software allows the user to load⁄scan an original artwork whether it is an image file or a vector file and then translate it into an embroidery design. Many automatic tools are available allowing the user to create high quality designs very quickly that run efficiently on the embroidery machine.

Three different Digitising levels are available within the ApS-Ethos software suite:


This is the perfect package for those companies looking to purchase digitising software for the first time. Simple user friendly tools mean that digitising a design can be both quick and easy.

Artisan Plus

This is a production based level for those businesses that need to regularly create a large number of embroidery designs.

Virtuoso Plus

This level offers all the tools needed to provide a high quality, efficient design service as well as creative facilities for developing new and innovative embroidery designs.
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