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  • Date: 16-03-2011, 11:07
16-03-2011, 11:07

PDQuest 2-D analysis software

Category: Other Software

PDQuest 2-D analysis software

PDQuest 2-D analysis software
version 8.0, offers comprehensive and flexible 2-D gel electrophoretic analysis. Choose PDQuest Basic for simple 2-D gel analysis or PDQuest Advanced for the latest available features for 2-D gel-based expression proteomics studies. Whether you choose the basic or advanced version, the sophisticated analysis tools reveal subtle differences among 2-D gels. Powerful auto-matching algorithms quickly and accurately match gels with little or no manual intervention. PDQuest software's flexible annotation features make it a useful tool to establish a centralized information repository, which allows virtually any type of characterizing data to be linked to each spot on a master gel image. It is easy to view and share information associated with identified proteins. Key features include:

* Easy-to-use wizard-directed user interface
* Automated spot detection and matching
* Sophisticated quantitation
* Statistical analysis tools
* Flexible visualization tools
* Sample classification for comparative analysis
* Spot cutting configurations for high accuracy, high throughput, and flexibility in protein identification experiments

PDQuest 2-D analysis software

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  • Date: 27-10-2010, 16:21
27-10-2010, 16:21

ScanView RipMate 5.1

Category: Sing Rip Print

ScanView  RipMate  5.1

RipMate is a software RIP designed to support ScanView’s DotMate line of
high precision internal drum imagesetters. It runs under Windows NT.
This manual contains the information necessary to install and use RipMate,
including a number of valuable tips about how to get the most out of your
RIP and imagesetter.
A second manual, RipMate 4.0 Workstation User’s Guide, explains how to
install the required software on Macintosh and Windows workstations, and
how to send print jobs to RipMate over a network. Please refer to that manual
when you are setting up and using workstations that will send jobs to
For information on installing and using the optional features in RipMate,
please see the RipMate 4.0 Options Manual.
Since RipMate is used with several different DotMate models, some of the
information in the manual may not be applicable to your machine. Such
information is marked.
Information specific to the imagesetter itself, including installation, calibration,
and the handling of media and cassettes is found in the relevant Dot-
Mate manual for the imagesetter you have purchased.

ScanView  RipMate  5.1

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  • Date: 20-04-2010, 13:59
20-04-2010, 13:59


Category: Other Software


AG-VIP SQL helps you not to lose track:

You can freely arrange the depiction of information according to your employees' tasks. Data can easily be exported and imported. All relevant functions for address management, e.g. duplicate check, search, analysis, automatic zipcode identification throughout Germany etc. are integrated directly.

AG-VIP SQL is communicative:

As soon as you receive a phone call, the caller is identified based on the TAPI interface. Consequently you have all relevant information at your disposal in order to make an effective phone call. In the same way, you can dial directly from a data record or generate a resubmission.

Having marked your E-Mail address, your email-client starts with the given adress.

AG-VIP SQL gets done even more than writing letters:

The tools help to generate standard letters and faxes at the push of a button: Integrating a software such as MS-Office, a contact entry in the history is generated automatically. If you like, you can link the new document directly with the contact entry.

For bulk mailings, the standard letter function combined with MS-Office offers a wide variety of options.

AG-VIP SQL keeps things in order:

The integrated resubmission management helps you to keep a cool head. AG-VIP SQL reminds you on time to meet deadlines on offers to be handed in and on presentations to be prepared. You will keep a clear head for anything that is absolutely relevant.

AG-VIP SQL communicates with MS-Outlook:

Via the tools you enter appointments and tasks directly in MS-Outlook. Simultaneously, the contact data are transferred directly from AG-VIP SQL. In this way all appointments and tasks referring to the address can be shown in MS-Outlook via a tool. Vice versa, any address can be shown in MS-Outlook referring to appointments and tasks entered via AG-VIP SQL.

You can link outgoing mails with the history just in the same way as any other document. In this way you can bring pre-defined standard mails about via mail templates in connection with MS-Outlook.

AG-VIP SQL is integrative:

The integration into the existing IT surrounding is an important requirement. That's why AG-VIP SQL offers numerous programming interfaces based on VB-Script. Macros can be established or carried out depending on occurences.

AG-VIP SQL automates the stages of work and directs the campaigns:
With the optional Workflow-Engine with AG-VIP SQL you break up the stages of work complex (Workflows) into unit stages. A ticket traverses these stages of work. The user treats the ticket in a stage. Finally the user can carry out a classification or macro carries out an automatic classification. With that the ticket is transferred in the following stage with all corresponding information. That simplifies and accelerates the essential processes. Quality grows because each process is treated same manner.

With that AG-VIP SQL is appropriate for the marketing of the telephone in Callcenter, the automation of the processes of sale or the campaigns of marketing on several levels.


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