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  • Date: 23-03-2011, 17:36
23-03-2011, 17:36

Cut Rite Modular V 8.22

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Cut Rite Modular V 8.22

Cut Rite Modular V 8.22

Cut Rite Modular V 8.22

CutRite Modular Version 8.2

Intelligent Communication:

With new modules, higher performance and greater capacity, Cut Rite 8.2 is a comprehensive optimisation program that significantly improves efficiency in cut-to-size operations. In addition, Cut Rite is compatible with ERP/PPC systems and so provides a seamless flow of information from quotation through to delivery. This allows you to speed up your internal processes, to be in full control of all your data at all times and to cut your material and production costs. Boost performance all the way with this intelligent integrated concept.

Which Cut Rite is right for you?

Whether Lite, Practive or Professional: with the latest generation of Cut Rite HOLZMA offers optimisation software that is ideally suited to meet individual challenges. After all, the know-how of the world market leader in horizontal panel sizing technology and the experience of more than 25 years in-house software engineering is contained in the three basic versions. An advantage that pays off.

Cut Rite Modular V 8.22

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  • Date: 20-04-2010, 13:59
20-04-2010, 13:59


Category: Other Software


AG-VIP SQL helps you not to lose track:

You can freely arrange the depiction of information according to your employees' tasks. Data can easily be exported and imported. All relevant functions for address management, e.g. duplicate check, search, analysis, automatic zipcode identification throughout Germany etc. are integrated directly.

AG-VIP SQL is communicative:

As soon as you receive a phone call, the caller is identified based on the TAPI interface. Consequently you have all relevant information at your disposal in order to make an effective phone call. In the same way, you can dial directly from a data record or generate a resubmission.

Having marked your E-Mail address, your email-client starts with the given adress.

AG-VIP SQL gets done even more than writing letters:

The tools help to generate standard letters and faxes at the push of a button: Integrating a software such as MS-Office, a contact entry in the history is generated automatically. If you like, you can link the new document directly with the contact entry.

For bulk mailings, the standard letter function combined with MS-Office offers a wide variety of options.

AG-VIP SQL keeps things in order:

The integrated resubmission management helps you to keep a cool head. AG-VIP SQL reminds you on time to meet deadlines on offers to be handed in and on presentations to be prepared. You will keep a clear head for anything that is absolutely relevant.

AG-VIP SQL communicates with MS-Outlook:

Via the tools you enter appointments and tasks directly in MS-Outlook. Simultaneously, the contact data are transferred directly from AG-VIP SQL. In this way all appointments and tasks referring to the address can be shown in MS-Outlook via a tool. Vice versa, any address can be shown in MS-Outlook referring to appointments and tasks entered via AG-VIP SQL.

You can link outgoing mails with the history just in the same way as any other document. In this way you can bring pre-defined standard mails about via mail templates in connection with MS-Outlook.

AG-VIP SQL is integrative:

The integration into the existing IT surrounding is an important requirement. That's why AG-VIP SQL offers numerous programming interfaces based on VB-Script. Macros can be established or carried out depending on occurences.

AG-VIP SQL automates the stages of work and directs the campaigns:
With the optional Workflow-Engine with AG-VIP SQL you break up the stages of work complex (Workflows) into unit stages. A ticket traverses these stages of work. The user treats the ticket in a stage. Finally the user can carry out a classification or macro carries out an automatic classification. With that the ticket is transferred in the following stage with all corresponding information. That simplifies and accelerates the essential processes. Quality grows because each process is treated same manner.

With that AG-VIP SQL is appropriate for the marketing of the telephone in Callcenter, the automation of the processes of sale or the campaigns of marketing on several levels.


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20-04-2010, 13:52

Movicon 9.1 613

Category: Other Software

Movicon 9.1 613

Integrated Building Management.
The ever-increasing demand for Building Automation and domotics prompted Progea to create a special poduct line for this sector.
The Movicon™ BA software is more capable of making your building supervision the most powerful, open and scalable than any other software around.

Movicon™ BA is Progea’s supervision solution for intelligent buildings. Progea is a major leading expert company in supervision and control software systems (Scada/HMI). Movicon™ BA offers all the great advantages of ‘Open’ software for integration and visualization of automation systems for modern buildings, whether residential, industrial, services or big communities. Movicon™BA provides all the advantages of modern software with very flexible solutions. Great experience matured through years of success, has allowed Progea to deliver solutions to all those who demand an integrated system using an all-in-one, powerful, open, visualization and control software.

One open solution
Movicon™ BA guarantees all the openness needed in integrating all building management systems into the one same supervision project. Just the one project guaranteed to save time and resources, while increasing supervision and control potentialities at the same time.

The Movicon™ BA platform technology is completely based on the XML standard. In one-only visualization you can finally connect control buses, lights, heating and air conditioning systems, security systems, video surveillance, energy saving systems and any other devices commonly used in the building management environment.

Deployment flexibility
Thanks to the Movicon™ BA flexibilitiness, you can integrate your systems into any type of architecture, such as Desktop PCs, Media Centers, Tablet PC (Win32 or Win64), Touch Panel (WinXPE or WinCE), Palm tops or SmartPhones (Windows Mobile), or access your system through the web using any internet Browser or java phone from wherever you may happen to be in the world. No limits to the visualization solutions you can use to get everything under your control.

Creating supervision projects with Movicon™ BA is simple and fun. A powerful object oriented editor allows you to create graphical interfaces with animated and interactive screen pages, using the full range of vector graphics, or you can even apply your own BMP, GIF and JPG drawings. All the tools you will ever need integrated and ready-to-use. Pre-configured graphics libraries, communication drivers, alarm management, historical logs and control, event scheduling, trends, charts are all within-a-click’s reach in an all-rolled-into one userfriendly software environment.

Integration is the keyword
Movicon™BA offers the advantage of hardware independency. This means you can use the same software in PCs, Touch Screens or Palmtops, connected buses, such as EIB/Konnex, LON, BACNet, to all the building control systems, with control panels, such as Notifier, Elkron and others, with bus systems with Modus RTU or TCP Modbus interfacing and many other system types. You can integrate CCTVs and IP Cameras and be completely free to decide and choose how you want your system by using just the one same software. Maximum deployment flexibility while safeguarding your investments at the same time all guaranteed.

Information sharing on the net.
Movicon™ BA offers the advantages of being able to freely circulate information thanks to its Networking functions in Ethernet networks and the OPC technology, allowing you to integrate your supervisor into your building’s LAN systems.

Enhanced Potentialities
All conventional supervisory system limits have been surpassed. Movicon™ BA consents all the powerful functionalities typical of SCADA/ HMI systems, but with remarkably enhanced visualization potentialities. You will be provided with a powerful object-oriented environment, with powerful managements for alarms, historical logs in DBMS (ie. SQL Server, Oracle, MsAccess), trends, scenarios, schedulers and control logic. All at your complete disposal and ready-to-use in one powerful but very simple-to-use programming environment.

Cost effective
Movicon™ BA permits you to use just the one development environment for all your supervision and control systems, saving you a great deal in learning, training personnel and maintenance costs. The Movicon™ BA licenses are scalable, flexible and upgradeable to Movicon™11, contributing even further development and maintenance cost reductions.
Your building management systems can finally be completely integrated into one supervision system and accessed with
palmtops or controlled externally through the Internet. All this can be done in next-to-no-time thanks to Movicon™ BA.

Movicon 9.1 613

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20-04-2010, 13:06

Sofistik v 23

Category: Other Software

Sofistik v 23

SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD)
For general building design SOFiSTiK offers various FEA-packages mostly based on the SOFiSTiK flagship solver ASE. Any package can be upgraded for special tasks like bridge design, dynamics or tunnel engineering. The SOFiSTiK package will be controlled via the SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD). The SSD is an all new working enviroment to control the different SOFiSTiK programs without being forced to use the text-based editor. The SSD allows the user a task-oriented way of working by offering various wizards or pre-defined task from a library.
For building design SOFiSTiK offers various packages (all include the SSD):
"SlabDesigner PRO" - 2D non-linear FEA & Design
The SlabDesigner PRO is a powerful 2D FEA package handling the analysis of slabs, walls, frames or grillages. It comes with an AutoCAD-based pre-processor, CAD-based section generator, automatic superpositioning, interactive result viewers and automatic report generation. For those engineers not having AutoCAD, this package comes based on an optional AutoCAD 2006 OEM engine. This means: Full AutoCAD-technology and compatibility for a very competitive price.
SlabDesigner PRO comes with many advanced features like non-linear cracking analysis for slabs and beams, non-linear bedding and supports, integrated t-beam design and theory 2nd order and many international codes like BS, EC, DIN, SIA, ÖNORM, ACI, BBK/BRO (Sweden), SNIP (Russia).
The SlabDesigner PT Pro package offers additionally the option of analysing and designing Pre- and Post-tensioned slab with SOFiPLUS and SSD data input. For more information please check the Post-tensioned Slab Example on our WebSite.
"Basic 3D FEA & Design"
Like the SlabDesigner PRO this package is AutoCAD-based and is an economic start into the 3D FE-analysis using SOFiSTiK. The package come with an interactive pre- and postprocessor and an automatic mesh-generator. The user can perform linear static analysis for any 3D structure, from simple slabs to freeform surfaces including RC-design for plate, beam and truss elements. Implemented codes are identical to the SlabPRO-packages.
"BASIC 3D Frame and Girder Systems"
Based on the program STAR 3 the user has a powerful solution for analysis and design of general frame and girder systems according to 1st/2nd order theory at his fingertips. The input can confortably be done using SOFiPLUS.
"SOFiSTiK Premium" - Advanced 3D FEA & Design
The Premium-package is an ideal upgrade from BASIC 3D FEA. Additional features are:
Volume elements
Pile elements
Non-linear springs
Theory 2nd order
Cracked-section analysis (beams)
Elastic-plastic, plastic-plastic
Torsional buckling checks (EC)
Staged construction
Non-linear bedding
User defined cross-sections incl. design
3D integration of structure's stresses to forces on equivalent cross-sections
Full steel and concrete section design
Thin- and thick-walled section types
...and a lot of more
The SOFiSTiK Premium Package is available in two configurations, the first one as SOFiSTiK Premium Concrete (including the design of shells) and the second one as SOFiSTiK Premium Steel (including theory 3rd order and membrane elements).
The Premium package can easily be upgraded to post-tensioning structures, seismic analysis, bridge and tunnel design.

Column - Column analysis according to 2nd Order Theory
With COLUMN the engineer has a program interface of the new generation at hand. Based on the modules STAR3 and STUE the program offers column analysis and design according to the buckling column model procedure (DIN 1045-1) or 2nd Order Theory including non-linear material behaviour and creepage/shrinkage. Further more COLUMN offers an option for automatically drawing reinforcement plans for SOFiCAD.
More capability characteristics

Sofistik v 23

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