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CSS Jacquard Design 2.0

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CSS Jacquard Design 2.0

CSS Carpet Software Solutions

CSS has been developing production software for machine woven carpets for 10 years, in close cooperation with the company Schönherr.

Carpet patterns can be created, edited and optimally placed on the weaving machine with the CSS Carpet Software System.

Modern electronic looms offer many different weave structures, especially if they are equipped with a 3 or 4-position Jacquard and/or an electronic dobby. Many different products can be created on them, and many options are available to work with special yarns.
CSS has extensive knowledge of all kinds of woven production, and can help you to develop unique products, giving you an advantage over the competition.
CSS JacquArt Designer and Scan-module

carpetsoftware: JacquArt Designer and Scan-module

The CSS JacquART Designer program has been developed for carpet designers by carpet designers.
Versatile creative and technical drawing functions support the artist to create designs in many different styles.

The CSS design system gives help and support to carpet manufacturers and their designers for designing of patterns, beginning with the first idea for the pattern and ending with the finished product.

The different work processes like scanning in of patterns, free drawings, point paper designs, colouring, printing, producing of sales documentation as well as the realization of these details for the weaving machine are done by programs easy to understand and easy to operate
CSS Colour & Print Manager

CSS Colour & Print Manager

Getting the colours in your printed designs to match the colours of your yarn is always a problem. Two monitors or two printers are never the same. But CSS has the solution for this. Select the colours from the colour catalogue (generated by the program), printed on your own printer, and there will be no more surprises.

Do you want to print your design on a large scale? No problem: the program allows you to print the design divided over multiple pages.
CSS Carpet Weaver

CSS Carpet Weaver

The CSS Carpet Weaver program is used to prepare your designs for weaving on any carpet loom. It adds a weave structure to the design, and converts it into the right file format for the Jacquard.

The CSS Carpet Weaver program can handle any kind of weave structure, and reduces “mixed contours” to the absolute minimum. Single and double pile can be combined with “sisal”, cut and loop pile can be used in one design, and so on and so forth. The possibilities are endless.

The program is compatible with all textile CAD/CAM systems and Windows design programs on the market.

CSS offers full support in finding the optimal solution for your specific type of weaving. You require special weave structures or you have problems with yarn breakage, loops on the back of the carpet or “mixed contours”?
CSS may have the solution for you.
The CSS Loom Manager:

carpet software: Loom Manager

Most modern looms are 4m wide – most carpets are not. So the loom is divided in sections, and different carpets are woven in each section. In the ideal situation the whole width of the loom is used like this. The CSS Loom Manager helps you to create the best possible solution.

Working with the CSS Loom Manager saves time, reduces the material waste to a minimum and increases the overall efficiency of your looms.

The weave plans created with the CSS Loom Manager can be transferred to the loom via your network. CSS can supply complete network systems for all your looms. All different types of electronic Jacquards can be integrated in one network.

The program is used in combination with the CSS Carpet Weaver program, and is just as easy to use.
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