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20-04-2010, 12:06

Tops100 TRUMPF Tops 100

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Tops100 TRUMPF  Tops 100

Easy to operate
The Windows®-based software is operated by the same user interface as the entire laser system. Using basic workflow programs, you can program simple sequences, which are programmed and stored in work piece files to be used as needed for recurring tasks.

Quick revision
The CAD editor provides all functions that are available on full CAD programs for drawing and arranging graphic objects. The integrated converter imports DXF/DWG, HPGL and IGES data formats, and BMP, TIF, JPG, and PCX pixel formats. Quickly can create text with laser optimized standard type or TrueType fonts taken from Windows. You can also use the CAD editor to create data matrix and barcodes. The editor integrates variable data such as time, date, or serial number, either automatically or through an interface.

Organized storage
Store all laser parameters in a separate dialog – well organized and arranged by topic, - to easily create a database of your laser parameters. You can use parameters that have been optimized for a specific material, time and time again, either as a reference or as a quickly modified copy.

Seamless integration
With the integrated interface, one can take over variable production data in a pre-defined marking program online. TruTops Mark offers a variety of alternatives for controlling integration of the marking laser into existing production systems. A COM in-process server forms the interface to your in-house developed software.

Tops100 TRUMPF  Tops 100

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