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  • Author: vipsoft
  • Date: 27-10-2010, 16:21
27-10-2010, 16:21

ScanView RipMate 5.1

Category: Sing Rip Print

ScanView  RipMate  5.1

RipMate is a software RIP designed to support ScanView’s DotMate line of
high precision internal drum imagesetters. It runs under Windows NT.
This manual contains the information necessary to install and use RipMate,
including a number of valuable tips about how to get the most out of your
RIP and imagesetter.
A second manual, RipMate 4.0 Workstation User’s Guide, explains how to
install the required software on Macintosh and Windows workstations, and
how to send print jobs to RipMate over a network. Please refer to that manual
when you are setting up and using workstations that will send jobs to
For information on installing and using the optional features in RipMate,
please see the RipMate 4.0 Options Manual.
Since RipMate is used with several different DotMate models, some of the
information in the manual may not be applicable to your machine. Such
information is marked.
Information specific to the imagesetter itself, including installation, calibration,
and the handling of media and cassettes is found in the relevant Dot-
Mate manual for the imagesetter you have purchased.

ScanView  RipMate  5.1

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  • Author: vipsoft
  • Date: 27-10-2010, 16:14
27-10-2010, 16:14

STEIGER Model 7.22 Multi Language

Category: ---

STEIGER Model 7.22 Multi Language

Software to program the machines of the Gemini, Libra and Aries range.

Designed since the beginning under Windows environment and therefore totally PC compatible, this software stands since long time as a benchmark in the sector. The simplicity in the creation and use of its logic symbols really makes every user independent in the creation of his own knitting programs.

The program offers a very important base library that is being constantly updated and enlarged and that can be freely customized by the user. .

Moreover, the program analyses the pattern feasibility and displays a simulation of the knitting process, thus really helping the user to understand the stitch structures formation. .

To program intarsia patterns, an intarsia subroutine analyses and optimizes the simultaneous movements of the 32 available yarn-carriers and consequently generates the knitting program to be down loaded to the machine. .

With a few instructions, this Model version allows from a BMP format graphic design to automatically create the whole program while optimizing the production time.The left end side of the displayed window shows the original graphic pattern while the right one shows the automatically generated program. .

Despite the "full automatic" option, the user can always make changes at each level. For instance, he can directly select the yarn-carriers in a part or in the whole of the program. Or, he may also decide which knitting symbol will be selected or even change the sequence to let the yarn-carriers in and out of the intarsia areas. The final result will be in any case a file that can be read, changed or stored in the Model environment.

With the last version 7.22 , Model presents various news, such as a navigator, the possibility to establish for each row of knitting parameters for carriage speed, take-down speed, stitch.

STEIGER Model 7.22 Multi Language

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  • Author: vipsoft
  • Date: 27-10-2010, 16:06
27-10-2010, 16:06

I-Live Four

Category: Other Software

I-Live Four

I-Live is a software for audio transmission under Windows
98/2000/XP. It is designed for high quality live and news
broadcasting through an ISDN base access (2 channels - 64
Kb\sec) with a 15 kHz audio bandwidth, or of a ADSL
connection. The software can also use a PSTN connection
with low bandwith. The communication can be bi-directional
using simultaneously both channels without worsening the
high quality or the transmission speed of the system. This
software version can be used by desktop or notebook PC.
I-Live needs two fundamental hardware components: a
Sound Blaster audio card compatible and an PSTN or ISDN
modem (or an Ethernet card in case of ADSL connection).
The coding and decoding of audio signals is directly
performed by the CPU according to G711, G722, MPEG 1
layer II (mp2) e III (mp3) algorithms and Vorbis, while data
transmission on ISDN is performed by the driver CAPI of
ISDN modem.
I-Live Four

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