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  • Date: 7-12-2010, 23:50
7-12-2010, 23:50

PlayBox AirBox 4.0.77 Build 903 2010

Category: Other Software

PlayBox AirBox 4.0.77 Build 903 2010

Compatible with a vast variety of compression types: MPEG2, HDV, DV, AVC/H.264, WMV/VC-1, MPEG1, etc.
Supports a multitude of media containers: MPEG system, program, transport streams, AVI, raw DV, MXF, QuickTime, etc.
Mixed playout of all compressions and containers in a single playlist
Totally unlimited on-air playlist editing
Advanced time-based scheduling with automated conflict resolving
Output video scaling for picture-in-picture and info channel look with live video and graphics
* Simultaneous video scaling of both live input and playlist output new
* Mixing of different video standarts in a single playlist (clips with different resolution, framerate and etc.)
MPEG2 at different resolutions, profiles and bitrates can coexist in the same playlist, together with streams coming live
Playback of clips still being captured
Content trimming and editing
Time-delay playout capable of commercial removal or censorship
High reliability and seamless playlist playback or streaming
Unlimited metadata support for text-rich graphics insertion
Flexible playout logging
Live Show Clipboard for on-the-fly event and live stream insertion
Live MPEG2 streaming sources supported (optional)
DVB ASI or UDP streaming output with MPEG2 Transport Stream (optional)
Redundant playout (optional)
Switcher and GPI control (optional)
On-air subtitling (optional)
Multi-language audio playout (optional)
Remote playout control through VDCP, GPI, DTMF, LTC, API, etc. (optional)
* DTMF cue tone generator for various outputs new
HD and HDV playout (optional)
Excellent price/performance
Powerful dynamic playlist engine available for OEMs through a simple SDK

AirBox provides automated content playout for satellite channels, cable head-ends, over-the-air broadcasters and corporate TV users. It is designed to be extremely robust, in order to meet the highest reliability demands of on-air playout. Due to its unique modular architecture it is also suitable for webcasters, hotel Pay TV channels, corporate presentations, video wall sourcing and other program distribution systems. At a fraction of the price of any digital videotape player, a single AirBox server offers the same visual quality at its single- or multi-channel SDI outputs, multi-language audio, graphics and subtitle insertion, last-minute playlist changes and clip editing.

AirBox supports MPEG1/2/4, HDV and DV streams from virtually every known production platform providing AVI, MPEG, WMV, Quick Time or MXF content. It has an integrated remultiplexing engine, ensuring the output stream is compliant with the MPEG2 or DV specs. This engine corrects on-the-fly a number of multiplexing errors such as unequal video/audio duration, missing or corrupted frames or packets, poor stream integrity, PTS/DTS inconsistencies, etc. Files from third-party servers such as Leitch or Seachange are natively supported.

Any combination of MPEG2 clips at differing resolutions, bitrates, profiles and levels can be played in a single sequence seamlessly with no glitches or hardware reinitialization. The cut from one clip to another is completely seamless even with live streams - no black frames, no pause, no last frame freeze, no audio pops, no glitches, no duration limitations... The continuous output stream can be sent to a variety of SDI output platforms and/or streamed through ASI or UDP technology.

Wide selection of video hardware choices covers a broad range of applications and budget levels. The main difference is video output signal quality, codec and resolution capabilities. Professional SD hardware support bitrates up to 50 Mbit/sec and 4:2:2 color sampling, while HD hardware runs up to 80 Mbit/sec for MPEG2 HD.

For live productions, any changes to the playlist during on-air session are possible! There are no qued or locked clips. Every clip in the playlist, except the one which is currently playing, can be trimmed, edited or repositioned. Moreover, playlist order can be changed on-the-fly with commands like skip to next or jump. Such order changes are performed seamlessly without stopping current playout session. Live productions are facilitated by the powerful Live Show Clipboard which allows insertion and/or execution of various events or live streams.

For automated playout AirBox allows fixed-time scheduling for weeks ahead. Resulting gaps or time overlaps are automatically resolved in order to ensure continuous operation even when conflicting timed events are present. Special facilities ensure uninterrupted operation if content files or even entire schedules are missing or misplaced.

For budget-minded operations, AirBox provides excellent storage savings through the MPEG2 Main Profile at Main Level IBP streams. At 8 Mbit/sec, 24 hours of full-motion, full-resolution content fits in less than 90 GB storage.

Playout sessions are being logged for monitoring and control purposes. The log can be later used for extracting actual playout sequence with exact timings or identifying user intervention into the playout session. The logging and recovery options allow completely unattended remote operation.

PlayBox AirBox 4.0.77 Build 903 2010

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  • Author: vipsoft
  • Date: 7-12-2010, 23:47
7-12-2010, 23:47

PlayBox TitleBox 2.9 Build 810 2010

Category: Other Software

PlayBox TitleBox  2.9 Build 810 2010

* TitleBox is an interactive graphics manager which creates, displays and controls fascinating multi-zone screens with rolls, crawls, animations, clocks, station logos and more. It is suitable for broadcast and cable TV channels, digital signage applications and hospitality channels of hotels, schools, corporations, retail businesses, shopping malls, churches, airports, holiday resorts, theme parks, etc.

* Its unprecedented level of interactive control over the on-air CG objects turns TitleBox into a powerful tool, ideally suited for music shows, live entertainment programs and presentations, sports events titling.

Unlimited layering
All running objects are mixed and blended to each other in realtime, including animations. The more CPU power, the more objects can be layered simultaneously. This ensures an unlimited amount of object combinations and unprecedented visual variety.
Total on-air CG control
Each and every CG object can be edited during the on-air session. Manual or automated changes of text contents, animation/rolling speed, position and properties can be done on-the-fly. Roll/crawl speed can follow a predefined speed curve. On-air changes can either be made directly to the on-screen running objects or on a dedicated preview output and then applied to the master output.
Exceptional CG quality
All graphics are 24-bit true color (16.7 million colors) with 8-bit Alpha channel (256 transparency levels). These colors can be applied to font face, border, shadow and text background. Field-based sub-pixel rendering ensures smooth animation and rolling text at any speed. TitleBox employs a proprietary ultra-fast rendering engine developed for more than 10 years.
Slide Sequencer
Multiple graphics objects can be programmed to run simultaneously or sequentially on a single or multiple layers with just a few mouse clicks. Easy slide and layer management is provided by the new intuitive Slide Sequencer.
Automated text rendering into graphics templates
TitleBox uses a set of predefined graphics templates in order to fit incoming text. This approach reduces the risk of user errors and eliminates the need for full-time highly skilled graphics personnel during on-air operation - just a simple text input does the job as elegant as possible.
TitleBox slaved to AirBox
Several TitleBox channels on different workstations can be controlled externally by scheduling dedicated events in the AirBox playlist. All kinds of object control are available.
Dynamic data sources
Dynamic text data coming from text, rich text, csv text, RSS feeds or ODBC-compliant databases can be linked to any text object and updated on-screen in real-time. Graphics files can also be linked to graphics objects on-screen for instant changes.
Scheduled titling
Any kind of text and graphics objects can be scheduled to display at specific time, on specific day or date, with certain cycling rules. Perfect for unattended operation and regular running messages.
OEM applications via TitleBox API
TitleBox can run in the background, without its front-end interface, while all objects and slide actions are triggered by a third party OEM software, which sends its script commands to TitleBox locally or through the LAN.

PlayBox TitleBox  2.9 Build 810 2010

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  • Date: 5-12-2010, 01:41
5-12-2010, 01:41

Osra MITOS Studio

Category: Other Software

Osra MITOS Studio

MITOS Studio

Scegliere MITOS per gestire gli adempimenti contabili e fiscali assicura allo studio di raggiungere i risultati con precisione e sicurezza: i flussi di lavoro sono collaudati e rispondenti alle esigenze di studi di ogni dimensione. L'integrazione tra dati e funzioni permette risparmio di tempi e riduzione degli errori, gli aggiornamenti sono tempestivi per consentire di pianificare al meglio le attività.

Tabella funzionale


Agenzie di viaggio
Distributori carburante
Operazioni Intracee


Tabulati di controllo
Bilancio CEE
Nota integrativa
Chiusura e Apertura esercizi
Gestione ratei e riscontri


Mod. 730 completo
Unico persone fisiche
Unico società di persone e di capitale
Unico enti non commerciali
Mod. 770 completo
Dicharazione ICI


Collegamenti procedure contabili
Emissione documenti proforma/effettivi
Emissione documenti ripetitivi
Fatturazione c/terzi
Gestione effetti
Gestione effetti RID

Osra MITOS Studio

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  • Date: 3-12-2010, 23:37
3-12-2010, 23:37


Category: Garment CAD



KonsanCAD ile mükemmel görsel araçlar ve kolay-esnek pastal tanımlamaları sayesinde en verimli pastallar en kısa sürede hazırlanır. İster el ile ister otomatik veya ikisinin karışımı ile en uygun çözümler sizler için kullanıma hazır...

KonsanCAD Pastal programı gerçek bir Windows 32 bit uygulamasıdır. Pastal programı içerisinden MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access gibi Microsoft programlarına yerleşim planı verileri aktarabilir ve bu programlardan veri alabilirsiniz.

KonsanCAD Pastal Modülünün Bazı Özellikleri :
Doğal, akıcı TÜRKÇE işletim
Zengin-güçlü anında yardım (On-line help) ve bazı işlemlerde yap-göster (On-line Tutorial) fonksiyonu
Konsan WEB ve destek sayfasına bağlanabilme, direkt dosya gönderme işlemlerinin kolaylıkla yapılabilmesi imkanı
Çalışma ortamını ve araç çubuklarını isteğe göre özelleştirilebilme
Görsel olarak, son derece kolay pastal yerleşimi (asorti) hazırlama
Kontrollü kesim planı hazırlama kısmı
İstenilen şekilde pastal yerleşim ekranını şekillendirebilme, maksimum verimlilikle pastal yerleştirebilme
Sınırsız pastal boyu-kalıp/model adedi
Güçlü enine-boyuna-verevine çizgili pastal yerleştirme araçları
En önemli algoritmalarla güçlendirilmiş otomatik pastal yerleştirme, otomatik yerleşim kuyruğu oluşturma
Pastal dosyalarının model değişimlerine göre otomatik güncelleştirilmesi imkanı
Pastal alanını ihtiyaç halinde (Takım elbise ; pantolon-ceket-yelek çalışmalarında, kumaşta renk farkı olması gibi durumlarda) bölümlere ayırabilme
Mevcut bir pastal yerleşim planını referans alarak benzeştirme yoluyla yeni planların elde edilebilmesi
Pastal yerleşim sırasında kalıpları gruplama, tela-blok payları ekleme, kesme, kesim yerlerine dikiş payı ekleme imkanı
Herhangi bir anda pastal enini, serim şeklini, kalıp adetlerini, beden dağılımlarını asortiyi iptal etmeksizin değiştirme imkanı
Çok kuvvetli Geri-al (Undo-yapılan değişikliklerden kolayca vazgeçebilme) ve Tekrar Yap (Redo) komutları
Pastal planı resmini, yerleşim ve kalıp bilgilerini Word, Excel gibi Microsoft Office programlarına gönderebilme
Pastal planına yerleşmesi gereken kalıp adedinin kontrolü ve yerleşim raporları
Dosya kaydetme, Dosya açma, Çizim, Kesim işlemlerinde otomatik pastal kontrolü
Opsiyonel Çevirici programları ile farklı CAD sistemlerinden veri okuma
Diğer CAD sistemlerine veri gönderme