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FESTO FluidDRAW 4.11c 2007

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FESTO FluidDRAW 4.11c  2007

FluidDRAW® is the circuit diagram software for PCs, which operates without the use of an additional CAD system. Pneumatic circuit diagrams and parts lists can also be quickly created on a PC thanks to the FluidDRAW® software with its comprehensive symbols library and with interfaces to the Festo catalogue on CD-ROM.

The comprehensive FluidDRAW® symbols library accesses the extensive integrated library of DIN standardised pneumatic symbols. These are categorised into groups according to drives, valves, valve terminals, compressed air preparation, vacuum technology, flow control and non-return valves, etc. Having made the section via the picture menu, the user places the required symbols on the drawing in the desired position using the mouse and so configures the circuit diagram. Recurring symbol combinations can be stored as macros.
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