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ProArt & ProLace V2

Category: Embroidery

ProArt & ProLace V2

ProArt Embroidery Design System

ProArt is a user friendly and powerful design system.
With ProArt, designers can simplify their procedures for
creating their ideas. In addition, with ProArt you can directly modify existing files in dwg and dxf format. Therefore designers can save much time by simply modifying old creations.

A broad range of commands like scale, move, mirror, trim, extend, copy, rotate, etc. assist designers to realize extraordinary ideas.
Excellent automatic programs, which can be used to design an infinite number of stitches and filling types, relieve the designer from the troublesome preparation of technical embroidery designs. Standard designs are simply stored in a pattern library and can be readily utilized. With ProArt you save valuable time, needed for routine tasks and the designer can concentrate more on the creative aspects of drafting

ProLace Embroidery Design and Punching System

ProLace is a combined embroidery design and punching system. Not only does it include all functions of the ProArt embroidery design system, but it combines them with the power of a full featured punching system.

After designing, the puncher can utilize ProLace to punch the design. No paper and no digitizer are required. The puncher can directly take over embroidery objects from the design. If modifications are necessary, the puncher can amend the design by himself. All design functions are at his disposal. It's the most efficient, time and cost saving way of punching.
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