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Wearcadfe 2.1 WearCad

Category: Garment CAD

Wearcadfe 2.1  WearCad

Wearcadfe 2.1  WearCad

Wearcadfe 2.1  WearCad

Wearcadfe 2.1  WearCad

Wearcadfe 2.1  WearCad

Wearcadfe 2.1  WearCad

Speed: thanks to the new functionalities introduced, time to grading and making marker is knocking down.

Saving: thanks to the improvement of the marker making it could be reach up to 7% of fabric savings in very few time.

Accuracy: gradings and markers are plotted by the new Es-Evolution 2200 pen plotters faster and with more accuracy

Management: all styles are stored in PC and will be available every time needed, without using again piece's paper; the new graphic interface could help user's search of styles created also in past times.

Interface: could be link to any kind of automatic cutter machine supporting ISO and also could interface any other CAD/CAM systems that support standard HPGL and DXF-AAMA.

SuperMarker provides three benefits to the user:

Knocking down execution time of markers (in about 3 minutes it could obtain results that a good CAD operator could reach in about 15-20 minutes)

Average saving of fabric of about 2%-4%

In the sample phase it could easy and fast to know efficiency to calculate the cost of the fabric.

SuperMarker is available in 3 versions:

SuperMarker Base: automatic creation of a marker one by one

SuperMarker Batch: to manage a previously created list of marker and then create all markers in succession (to take advantage of the launch time or the night)

SuperMarker LAN: created for the companies with several workstations, could use a unique PC server to create markers for every PC workstation.

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