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  • Date: 15-05-2010, 12:42
15-05-2010, 12:42


Category: CAD/CAM CNC


NC-HOPS offers optimum solutions for the Woodworking and related Industries, through its flexible software structure.

NC-HOPS can be expanded as much as you like due to its modular concept and the open system structure. Customer-specific solutions are achievable at any time.

An application interface allows to simply add the additional modules. With NC-HOPS you invest in your future.

Die optional modules for NC-HOPS are:

CAD interface (i.e. AutoCAD)

Cutting list integration

Solutions for door and window frame applications

Solutions for the custom builder

Optimization of toolpath and relocatable point of origin

Integration of Laser Projection

Easy positioning of vacuum pods and fixtures

Support of multi channel machining concepts


Tags: NCHOPS, structure, interface, modules, Solutions, solutions, Optimization, toolpath, relocatable, window, builder, frame, applications, point, custom, Integration, Support, fixtures, multi, channelmachining

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  • Date: 20-04-2010, 14:27
20-04-2010, 14:27

Bio Explorer

Category: Other Software

Bio Explorer

BioExplorer allows you to process and display data from your devices any way you want. You can work with data received from one or more devices in real time, or play back and analyze a previously recorded session.
BioExplorer uses a 'Design' to tell it what to do with data from your device. A Design consists of a Signal Diagram and a set of Instruments.
You graphically create a Design by adding objects to the Signal Diagram and wiring them together.
Then configure your Design by double clicking objects to set their properties. Here's an example of the Bandpass Filter property page:
If any of the objects added to the Signal Diagram have user interfaces, or Instruments, they are automatically added to the Instruments window. You can position these however you want.
When you have the Instruments positioned, just press play to process and display data from your device in real time!
If you record your session, you can replay it and display statistics and trends for any signal in the Signal Diagram.

Bio Explorer

Tags: Instruments, Signal, Diagram, objects, display, Design, process, session, BioExplorer, device, added, devices, these, however, positioned, property, automatically, interfaces, window, position