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Actix Analyzer 2012 LTE Spotlight

Category: Telecom Software

Actix Analyzer 2012 LTE Spotlight

Desktop Drive Test Post-Processing Software

Analyzer is a desktop software solution for expert drive test post-processing, supporting network optimization, network troubleshooting. In use at over 230 operators, including 25 of the top 30, Analyzer has supported 2G, 3G and now 4G/LTE rollouts with flexible and powerful drive survey analytics. Analyzer includes the Spotlight module for automated post-processing analysis.

Key features:

Multi-vendor and multi-technology: ensuring support for all data sources now and in the future
KPI reporting: sophisticated management quality KPI reports for acceptance of network improvements
Ease of use: map-centric visualization organized around an engineer’s most common tasks
Spotlight automated analysis: embedded workflow automating identification, analysis and diagnosis of the most common issues
Data services analysis: embedded workflow specifically focused on the issues impacting user experience of data services
2G, 3G and LTE: Comprehensive support for GSM, GPRS, CDMA, EVDO, WiMAX, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE across all chipsets, devices and test equipment
Indoor: Support for all indoor test equipment, enabling validation of the indoor network and its interaction with the macro network
Configurability: streamline the testing of new technologies and services and share expertise with the engineering team
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