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  • Date: 15-02-2012, 13:47
15-02-2012, 13:47

Bysoft Compendium Laser 2010

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Bysoft Compendium Laser 2010

To provide a simple, electronic operating manual for the current Bystronic series machines

To use the existing document formats

To make the many thousands of pages of the operating instructions portable to notebook/PC screen, display and print them out easily

To offer A4 document format simply displayed on the screen

To ensure very simple access functions (links)

To use a license-free standard software (Acrobat Reader) to display the documents on the screen and print them out

To run as a single user version (with DVD) and as a network version (multi-user capability)

Language versions
- User prompting in German and English
- Operating instruction chapters in the existing languages
- (as a rule German and English)

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