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  • Date: 22-01-2014, 14:47
22-01-2014, 14:47

Elcad 7.6 ( Hardlock dongle )

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Elcad 7.6 ( Hardlock dongle )




Test ELCAD 7.6
Experience the Power of ELCAD 7, absolutely free and without obligation. We offer ELCAD 7, which is available via download from our website (approx. 250 MB) or by ordering directly from AUCOTEC.
Apart from the limitation of 8 circuit diagrams per project or 100 items per project, the range of features in Download Mode in the fields of construction and list editing, is almost identical to the licensed version of ELCAD 7.

ELCAD 7 offers you, absolutely free and without obligation, the following features:

  • The ELCAD Demo Mode runs without time limitation. You can test it whenever you like

  • Full range of function in the fields of construction and list editing

  • Integrated functions of ELCAD Studio, the object-oriented solution for modular electric design

  • Unlimited number of projects, but a limited number of sheets per project

  • Maximum of 8 circuit diagram sheets or 100 items per project

  • Complete IEC symbol library

  • List export via ODBC (EXCEL, ACCESS...) for integration into your OFFICE world

  • Integrated master data, macros and template drawings

  • Integration of PLC assignment lists

The licensed ELCAD 7 Version offers even more potential for automation:

  • Unlimited number of circuit diagrams per project

  • Conversion of documents to DWG, EPL, DXF, PDF, TIFF, VNS ...

  • Layout and cable diagrams

  • Freely definable list structures

  • Full automation by command language and compiler

  • SAP interface and EDM integration

  • Hardware Configuration Link

  • AUCOTEC Data Service Integration

  • Interfaces for manufacturing can be called directly from the following systems: Phoenix, Weidmüller, Wago ..


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  • Date: 22-01-2014, 14:54
22-01-2014, 14:54

Elitron EliCAD ElitronCad 3.3.4

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Elitron EliCAD ElitronCad 3.3.4


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  • Date: 22-01-2014, 14:56
22-01-2014, 14:56

EngView System Package 5.2.23

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

EngView System Package 5.2.23


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22-01-2014, 15:04


Category: CAD/CAM CNC



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22-01-2014, 15:30

Radimpex Tower 6 - Tower 7

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Radimpex Tower 6 - Tower 7

  • Basic capabilities

    • Analysis of static influences in accordance with first order and second order theories
    • Calculating the structural stability (determining the critical forces and buckling lengths)
    • Calculating the natural values (forms and oscillating periods of the structure)
    • Generating the seismic load in accordance with various standards (JUS, EC8, SNIP, ...)
    • Generating automatically the mesh of finite elements
    • Generating automatically the masses in all nodes on the model
    • Analysis of influences throughout defined stages of building construction (prefabricated structures, composite structures, etc.)
    • Modeling the prefabricated floor structures by orthotropic plates
    • Beams and columns with variable cross sections (haunched beams, prismatic columns, laminated wood girders, etc.)
    • Modeling the rigid connections in beam nodes (offset beam - diagrams in clear spans)
    • Eccentric positioning of beams and columns (true modeling of girders in plates, columns with abrupt change of cross section, etc.)
    • Analysis of influences in prestressed structural members (arbitrary cable geometry and calculating the prestressing force loss)
    • Foundations on elastic ground
    • Assigning the completely arbitrary character and direction of load action
    • Analysis of influences due to live load (defining the completely arbitrary pattern and path of live load)
    • Generating automatically the load on rotationally symmetric parts of the model due to various natural phenomena: self-weight, snow, pressure, water, earth, wind
    • Calculating due to temperature influences and support displacement
    • Automatic dimensioning of reinforced concrete (JUS, EUROCODE, SNIP, ACI, DIN, BS, SIA, etc.) structures.
    • Automatic dimensioning of steel structures (JUS, EUROCODE, SIA).
    • Automatic dimensioning of timber structures (JUS, EUROCODE).
    • Creating easily the high quality design documentation with vignette, textual reports and graphic blocks

    Graphical Interface

    • Defining the arbitrary planes for drawing
    • Simultaneous use of planar and space drawing
    • Selecting precisely the points in the drawing (dynamic osnap with combined criteria)
    • Dynamic zoom and pan. Dynamic rotation of isometric presentation of the model (orbit)
    • Manipulating the elements in the drawing (copying, mirror copying, deleting, rotating, complete undo/redo system of restoring the drawings, etc.)
    • Generating automatically the vertical elements of the structure
    • Generating automatically the rotationally symmetric bodies (sphere, cone, vault, helix)
    • Operating with blocks of drawings (saving and entering the arbitrarily selected parts of the model)
    • Grouping the arbitrarily selected parts of the model into wholes and deleting the visibility to other parts of the model (only columns, walls, typical floor structures, web members, main girders, etc. visible)
    • Visualization of the model (DirectX render, walking through building with camera)

    Processing the Calculation Results

    • Finding quickly the extreme values of influences in the whole model or only in a certain group of elements (extreme values of axial forces in columns only, etc.) maximal bending moments in plates in typical floor, maximal displacements of walls only, etc.)
    • Presentation of results, both in the entire space model and in its certain parts (in selected frame, wall, floor structure, foundations, arbitrarily selected view, etc.)
    • Presentation of results in surface elements by isolines and diagrams along an arbitrarily assigned intersection line
    • Presentation of influences in linear elements by diagrams and color gradientsPresentation of support reactions with direction and intensity
    • Diagrams of stress distribution in composite cross-sections through defined stages of constructing
    • Influences in individual parts of composite cross section
    • Simultaneous presentation of influences in all columns and walls in one level (insight into distribution of influences due to seismic action on all columns and walls in one floor, redistribution of axial forces due to vertical load onto columns and walls of a given level, etc.)
    • Presentation and animation of oscillating forms and deformed model
    • Completely automatized dimensioning of reinforced concrete, steel and wood structures (JUS, EUROCOD, SNIP, DIN, etc.)
    • Adopting reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures with automatic creating of reinforcement details and export to our program "ArmCad 2005".
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  • Author: vipsoft
  • Date: 27-01-2014, 08:57
27-01-2014, 08:57

Hozlma CutRite Moduler V9 Full module

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Version 9 – new features

Instant overview of key results in graphs and charts
Users can configure up to three charts to be assigned to each summary. The most important results are displayed in a dashboard. All in all, information can now be understood far more quickly and easily. The new navigation toolbar enables direct access to all major functions from any part of the program – eliminating the need to return to the main menu.

Data evaluation: new editing and filter options
You can now edit your project data directly from the review runs screen. This allows you to make changes fast, without changing screen, and they will be reflected immediately in all dependent data. On top of this, improved filter and group items enable you to sort runs according to name, order number, week and many other criteria.

Multi-core processor capability: up to eight times faster
Besides faster computing times, Cut Rite now provides a progress bar and an option to “keep the last result”. This allows you to cancel the computing process at any time and to retrieve easily the last result obtained.
Hozlma CutRite Moduler V9 Full module

Easier and safer: user profiles
Each user can now create his own profile – with password, paths and much more. This makes it much easier to organise different users and to assign specific options to them.

Managing areas and volumes
Ideal for customers with horizontal storage systems: the board library has been extended to work with 50-character codes, instead of the 25 characters previously possible, and includes a new field for “material density” which allows the weight of boards, parts, offcuts and waste to be calculated. This makes it easier to calculate, for example, how many trucks will be needed for a shipment.

Calculated values in the summaries
Cut Rite now also offers you spreadsheet functions. You can, for example, easily determine the number of rip and cross cuts in a cutting pattern, copy data and mathematical formulae as you like and have the results displayed automatically. XLS/XLSX format spreadsheets can be imported directly.

Greater clarity due to vivid design
The new true-colour toolbars and buttons make optimising fun. You can store images in the parts or products libraries and then integrate them, for instance, in quotations.
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  • Date: 27-01-2014, 09:01
27-01-2014, 09:01

AltoQi Software

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

AltoQi Software
AltoQi Software
AltoQi Software
AltoQi Software
AltoQi Software
AltoQi Software
AltoQi Software

AltoQi Eberick V8

O que é o Eberick V8

O Eberick V8 é um software para projeto estrutural em concreto armado, englobando as etapas de lançamento e análise da estrutura, dimensionamento e detalhamento dos elementos, de acordo com a NBR 6118:2007.

Possui um poderoso sistema gráfico de entrada de dados voltado à forma, facilitando o lançamento, associado à análise da estrutura em um modelo de pórtico espacial, e a diversos recursos de dimensionamento e detalhamento dos elementos, além de visualização tridimensional da estrutura modelada.

Trata-se de um programa diferenciado, com diversos novos recursos que proporcionam alta produtividade na elaboração dos projetos e no estudo de diferentes soluções para um mesmo projeto. O Eberick pode ainda ser complementado por oito módulos: Master, Formas, Escadas, Lajes Treliçadas, Fundações, Muros, Reservatórios e Incêndio.

AltoQi Lumine V4
Software para projetos de instalações elétricas, cabeamento estruturado e SPDA.

AltoQi Hydros V4
Software para projetos de instalações hidrossanitárias, de gás e incêndio.
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  • Date: 28-01-2014, 14:57
28-01-2014, 14:57

ETAP 12.5 ( Hasp SRM Dongle )

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

ETAP 12.5 ( Hasp SRM Dongle )

ETAP 12.5 adds a broad and robust set of new enhancements to the ETAP suite, as well as powerful new
analysis modules and time-saving capabilities. These include:

Dynamic Parameter Estimation & Tuning - DPET

GOST Short Circuit - R 52735 Standard

Distributed electrical SCADA technology

Thin-client consoles

Web real-time consoles

Native SCADA Communication Protocols

IEC 61850 substation automation

Phasor measurement unit archive and visualization

Waveform capture and visualization
This New Features Guide describes important new capabilities in ETAP 12.5. These new features and
functions demonstrate our shared commitment to customers and business partners to provide the
most comprehensive solutions for the design and operation of critical power systems now, as well
as the energy technologies for tomorrow.
For nearly three decades, ETAP has been the leading modeling platform used to design, analyze,
and optimize electrical power systems in the most demanding industry applications. Similarly,
ETAP Real-Time

– which has been providing online diagnostics, predictive simulation, optimization,
and management of power systems for more than 20 years – has been deployed in a multitude of
customer installations to ensure their reliable and energy-efficient operation.
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  • Date: 5-02-2014, 11:21
5-02-2014, 11:21

Teseo Naxos V10 10.901.1024.0 ( Smartkey Eutron Emulator )

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Teseo Naxos V10 10.901.1024.0 ( Smartkey Eutron Emulator )
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19-03-2014, 10:00

ONECNC XR5 31.10

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

ONECNC XR5 31.10

OneCNC CAD CAM is a market leading computer aided manufacturing CAM system for NC part programming. With unparalleled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation, it’s the only CAM system you’ll need for milling, turning and mill-turn machining, Wire EDM, Laser, Plasma, Router or Flame Cutting machines. OneCNC has Versions that provide a wide range of capabilities in 2, 3, 4 and 5 axis machining. The programming flexibility extends to a comprehensive range of CAM functionality that can be applied to any type of CAD from almost any source . Multi Axis is the ultimate tool for full 4 and 5 axis positional and 5 axis simultaneous machining of parts and OneCNC has solutions for these machine