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The vision—"To Enrich People's Life Through Communication" has been the guiding light for Huawei people throughout their journey in extending services to carriers across the globe.They have left their footprint in every region where they have forged ahead with determination and strenuous endeavor, from the fertile and magic land along the Nile to Mesopotamia where ancient civilizations originate, from the fascinating but formidable Sahara to the vast Sub-Sahara plain whose beauty is shadowed by constant warfare and disease, from the florid Amazon rain forests with a Samba flavor to the passionate Caribbean Coast, from the European and North American continents featuring high-tech and precision to their oriental neighbors. Along the journey, Huawei network planning and optimization team is playing an increasingly important role in Huawei's global effort in deploying and developing mobile networks.

From the first generation analog mobile communication system to the current third generation (3G) digital mobile communication system, cellular mobile communications has been evolving for the past 20 years. Along with the mobile communication technology, the wireless network planning and optimization service was born and has increasingly evolved. The target of network planning and optimization is to improve the performance of the mobile communication network, meet the service requirements and balance network coverage, quality, and costs.

The network planning and optimization service goes through the entire lifecycle of the network. This service plays a key role in network construction through to the end-of-life of the network.


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