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9-04-2010, 15:11

Creo (Kodak) - Preps V5.00

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Creo (Kodak) -  Preps V5.00

The cornerstone of a productive prepress workflow, PREPS software dramatically reduces job costs and turnaround times with a customizable workflow that suits your unique requirements. It is used with popular workflow solutions including BRISQUE, PRINERGY, Apogee, RAMPAGE, HARLEQUIN, NEXUS, and TRUEFLOW software, supports both MACINTOSH OS X and the latest WINDOWS operating systems, and is compatible with ADOBE ACROBAT 7 and QUARKXPRESS 6.5 software. PREPS software also integrates seamlessly with UPFRONT job planning software.

PREPS software is available in three versions: Pro, Plus, and XL. All versions are provided in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

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