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  • Author: vipsoft
  • Date: 24-11-2010, 15:48
24-11-2010, 15:48

QS Shoemaster 10.04 Multilanguage

Category: Shoe CAD

QS Shoemaster 10.04 Multilanguage

Creative has undergone many exciting
enhancements throughout 2010
which has brought the software into
a new dimension. With the ability to
work with a touch screen drawing
tablet and a drawing package, the
software is highly versatile and provides
a variety of options for style
Aside from this, new functions also
included the projection of pictures
onto multiple surfaces and a fabulous
materials browser for textures
and components.
We are also delighted to introduce
our customers to a brand new website
especially for designers. Please do visit
us at
We would like to make this site as interactive
as possible and customers wishing
to showcase their work are invited
to send us examples of shoe projects for
our look book!
This release
For QS 10.04 we are delighted to introduce
a new function to lock the scale of
imported pictures during the alignment
process. A very helpful new measurement
tool has also been implemented
to display markers for measures on
This release also provides the user with
many enhancements to the general,
frequently used functions within the

QS Shoemaster 10.04 Multilanguage

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  • Date: 3-10-2010, 21:21
3-10-2010, 21:21


Category: CAD/CAM CNC


CAD Surface modeler
OmniCAD® is a 3D surface modeler CAD integrated with a 2D environment. OmniCAD® is a sophisticated software produced and developed over the years for mould and die designing and for constructing complex 3D models, its main aim being precision problem solving. Its numerous verticals, backed up by power and speed calculation, versatility and precision, make OmniCAD® an essential tool which has today become an absolute reference point in the automotive environment.

The OmniCAD® engine
No efficient verticals or automatisms could be possible without a well designed engine.
OmniCADs verticals are powerful, thanks to a stable, robust and well performing engine, to the point that the most difficult operation seems simple and natural.

Main Functions
Production of all surface types with pass and tangency conditions, creation of blending surfaces with group selection, automatisms to create groups of surfaces bounded to certain circumstances, projection modelling and multiple trimmings on various surfaces. Functions to create surfaces starting from an existing model. Verification function on the surfaces: tangency conditions, convexity etc, functions for approximation and conversion of different types. Functions for a complete 2D drawing.

Functions dedicated to the Sheet-Metal Die and Moulds
Macro-automatisms and commands with finishing functionalities make up a tool able to complete a die design within very competitive time limits. For certain operations that have a significant effect on the speed of project completion (for example the trimming development), OmniCAD® must be the final choice.

Surmod : the module for modification comparisons
Surmod compares two mathematical models underlining the modifications in terms of volume and shape. By using this instrument, the empiric methods commonly used in modification comparisons can be omitted. Even though SURMOD allows some operative freedom, it provides final solutions adopting a scientific approach and reports detailed documentation to certify the analyses carried out


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  • Author: vipsoft
  • Date: 31-03-2010, 16:09
31-03-2010, 16:09

Accurate V4.0 Build 628

Category: Embroidery

Accurate V4.0 Build 628

Accurate windows işletim sistemleri üzerinde çalışan scanner tabanlı bir nakış desen sistemidir.

Bir CAD/CAM programı olan Accurate tamamen vektör tabanlı çalıştığı için evrensel tasarım standartlarına tam uyumludur.

Accurate in belli başlı üstünlükleri şu şekilde sıralanabilir:

Vektörel punch

Vektör tanıma (Snap,Paralel)

İşlenmiş nakış görüntüsü


Yetenekli ve güçlü veritabanı yapısı

Kullanıcı dostu arayüzü

Esnek kullanım seçenekleri

Özelleştirilebilir tasarım araçları,

ve esnek çalışma yapısı sayesinde kullanıcıyı kısıtlamayan bir mimari.