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  • Date: 16-03-2011, 11:07
16-03-2011, 11:07

PDQuest 2-D analysis software

Category: Other Software

PDQuest 2-D analysis software

PDQuest 2-D analysis software
version 8.0, offers comprehensive and flexible 2-D gel electrophoretic analysis. Choose PDQuest Basic for simple 2-D gel analysis or PDQuest Advanced for the latest available features for 2-D gel-based expression proteomics studies. Whether you choose the basic or advanced version, the sophisticated analysis tools reveal subtle differences among 2-D gels. Powerful auto-matching algorithms quickly and accurately match gels with little or no manual intervention. PDQuest software's flexible annotation features make it a useful tool to establish a centralized information repository, which allows virtually any type of characterizing data to be linked to each spot on a master gel image. It is easy to view and share information associated with identified proteins. Key features include:

* Easy-to-use wizard-directed user interface
* Automated spot detection and matching
* Sophisticated quantitation
* Statistical analysis tools
* Flexible visualization tools
* Sample classification for comparative analysis
* Spot cutting configurations for high accuracy, high throughput, and flexibility in protein identification experiments

PDQuest 2-D analysis software

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  • Date: 23-01-2011, 16:09
23-01-2011, 16:09

Actix Software 4.05

Category: Telecom Software

Actix Software 4.05

The ActixOne optimization platform provides a unified workspace for automating an unparalleled breadth of mobile network optimization activities. ActixOne is a multi-vendor, multi-technology platform that supports all key mobile network data sources, embeds automated diagnostics and solution-finding algorithms, and delivers visualization, analysis, and optimization software capabilities through a web-based interface.

Key features of the ActixOne optimization platform include:

Web-based interface: ActixOne uses smart client technology to provide a rich, interactive web-based interface that behaves like a desktop application. Dashboards with dynamic maps, charts, and tables provide powerful visualization capabilities.

Centralized data repository: The ActixOne repository is based on the scalable Oracle database platform, which allows mobile network optimization data to be brought together, synchronized, and archived in a single location.

Scalable to thousands of users and TBs of data: ActixOne’s 3-tier architecture can be scaled up and out to support both small regional deployments and large nationwide systems. ActixOne optimization platforms are deployed at Tier-1 operators where they support over 150,000 sectors, 40 Terabytes of data, and 400 users.

Modern service-oriented architecture: ActixOne is built upon proven industry technologies (J2EE application servers) and provides access to key capabilities and data over a standards-based web services layer.

The ActixOne platform is implemented with a multi-tier, service-oriented architecture.

Modular functionality: ActixOne has a modular architecture, enabling operators to expand their analytics capabilities as their mobile network grows or new data sources become available.
Tour ActixOne

Learn how our single powerful platform is changing the way mobile network analytics and optimization are done

Actix Software 4.05

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  • Date: 15-05-2010, 12:42
15-05-2010, 12:42


Category: CAD/CAM CNC


NC-HOPS offers optimum solutions for the Woodworking and related Industries, through its flexible software structure.

NC-HOPS can be expanded as much as you like due to its modular concept and the open system structure. Customer-specific solutions are achievable at any time.

An application interface allows to simply add the additional modules. With NC-HOPS you invest in your future.

Die optional modules for NC-HOPS are:

CAD interface (i.e. AutoCAD)

Cutting list integration

Solutions for door and window frame applications

Solutions for the custom builder

Optimization of toolpath and relocatable point of origin

Integration of Laser Projection

Easy positioning of vacuum pods and fixtures

Support of multi channel machining concepts


Tags: NCHOPS, structure, interface, modules, Solutions, solutions, Optimization, toolpath, relocatable, window, builder, frame, applications, point, custom, Integration, Support, fixtures, multi, channelmachining

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  • Date: 14-05-2010, 10:47
14-05-2010, 10:47

Flixo 5

Category: Other Software

Flixo 5

Flixo- The Thermal Bridge analysis and reporting application for Energy Savings and Sustainable Design
flixo produces thermal-hygro analyses of the component and façade cross-sections, and it also calculates frame U-values according to EN ISO 10077-2. It has been developed by architects, computer scientists and physicists, for architects, planners, energy consultants and building physicists for sustainable design engineering and planning.
For example, flixo can detect thermal bridges in the planning stage that then can be eliminated through design changes. Consequently, building failures can be prevented and heating energy can also be saved.
A further use of flixo is relevant to hygroanalysis, with which, for example, temperature minima on the internal surfaces of a cross-section can be determined in order to avoid the formation of condensed water or mildew.
flixo analyzes two-dimensional component nodes for steady state boundary conditions (room temperatures and thermal transfer coefficients).
flixo is a fully validated thermal bridge software according to EN ISO 10211:2007 and
EN ISO 10077-2:2003.
flixo 5 - the new version is available

New features of version 5

Some highlights of the numerous improvements include:
Improved visualization of thermal bridges for optimization
Distance Tool:
Determining dimensions and distances of the model
Optimized and configurable user interface:
For customizing the user interface for your needs
Graphic Objects:
Special objects which will be ignored on calculating but will be printed..
Language settings:
The user interface language can be chosen between English, German, Italian and French
Defining the import settings directly before importing dxf-files with the ability to define the scale factor of the sketch
It's possible to capture the inputs on drawing or editing using multiple of an angle. The base angle is customizable
Cutting the construction using straight lines or polygons
Help system:
Extended help system with step by step tutorial movies and online examples


The physical situation can either be imported via DXF files or be directly entered and processed with the integrated CAD editor.
flixo is subdivided into a design section and a report section. The physical situation (geometry, boundary conditions, materials) is defined in the design part. The results can be interactively combined in the reports. Elements, which arise in all reports, can be defined in a master report.
The integrated and expandable component library of flixo enables components to be simply transferred using the mouse (drag & drop) into the current design.
The CAD editor/layout editor supports the following familiar concepts:
Layers: Objects can be arranged on various layers and the layers can be selectively visible or hidden, printed and frozen.
Snapping possibilities: Objects can be aligned with various auxiliary objects such as auxiliary lines, grids and special points on adjacent objects.
Associative elements such as local results and isotherms.
Mouse and keyboard-controlled input.
Geometrical operations such as grouping, merging, cutting, differences between objects.
A material database with more than 1000 materials from various standards (EN ISO 12524, EN ISO 10077-2, EN ISO 673, EN 6946, DIN 4108-4) is available.
The creation and use of parametric objects let you generate variations of a single construction quickly and simply.
With user or predefined document templates and embedded fields, you can generate reports tailored to your needs. After successful calculation, the report will be automatically generated.


Isotherms and temperature color images of any building detail for qualitative thermal assessment and optimization.
Temperatures at freely determined design points.
Heat flux density at freely determined design points.
Humidities and the distribution of them
Minimum and maximum surface temperatures at freely determined design boundaries and critical room humidities for the assessment of possible mildew formation and condensation problems.
Heat flow at freely determined boundary lines.
Thermal transmission coefficients for quantifying thermal bridging effects: "U-value" (with various boundary conditions to also analyze the critical surface temperature) and the length-related "Psi-value" (also for models with more than two room temperatures)
Automatic calculation of frame U-values according to EN ISO 10077-

Integration into MS-Windows environment

Well-known operation and concepts from the MS Office products:
Copy/Cut and Paste as well as Undo/Redo of the last actions.
Different flixo documents can be edited simultaneously
Exchange of flixo data (design details, results) via the clipboard or using drag & drop. For example, results can be integrated directly in a Word document or copied or moved from one design to another.

Flixo 5

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  • Date: 12-05-2010, 11:11
12-05-2010, 11:11

Ergosoft TexPrint 2008

Category: Sing Rip Print

Ergosoft TexPrint 2008

With its highly developed color mangement, precision image rendering engine, cost-effective production features, and linear workflow, whether your business requires direct-to-textile or dye sublimation, high-volume or short-run, TexPrint v.2008 makes it a profitable reality.

Combined with extensive spot color and color separation features, TexPrint is in a league of its own. Superior color management features mean little, however, if print production is cumbersome, slow, or confusing. TexPrint v.2008 sets a new standard with its intuitive interface and intelligently designed workflow features.

Ergosoft TexPrint 2008

Tags: features, color, TexPrint, workflow, production, v2008, Superior, management, little, league, separation, Combined, extensive, however, print, interface, intelligently, designed, intuitive, standard