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22-01-2014, 15:22

Ramsete III Version 9.70

Category: Textile

Ramsete III Version 9.70



  • Ramsete III has been thought up and realized as integrated solution for the computerized development of the
  • designs for the fabrics printing.
  • It is composed of various programs, some dedicated to the management of the peripheral unities (scanner,
  • printing, spectrophotometers etc.) others to the treatment of the image according to the demands of the
  • various cycles of the production what: creation, correction, films separation, colorway. Thanks to the full
  • exploitation of the hardware characteristics and of the more evolved operating systems (IRIX, Linux, MacOSX
  • and Windows) the software is able to perform more operations contemporarily reducing accordingly the times
  • of elaboration of the design. The application provides besides the support of cross-platform sharing for the
  • scanners and printers. An effective memory management and the technique of compression of the image
  • complete the system allowing easily to elaborate designs of great dimensions.


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