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Amigo Media Star

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Amigo Media Star

Amigo Media Star

Three Smart methods to Play Video On Demand By Connecting Land line and Mobile to Computer
Place Patch on each Video to hide mongram , Start Mark & End mark No need to Cut files ,
You can set different font for each song categories
Play Video On Demand By Using All Three Modes By Set Time Of Each Mode With out Stoping Transmission,
Animated Category , Clock to Give Smart Look To Your Channel

Select Songs by on Screen List View Time given to selected video by queue listing

Select song from List Displayed after every Song , Plays Song Instantly when Selected.

Send SMS of Song Code to Play Song

Create Your Own News Style Looking Like Satellite Channels
3 News Scroll with different speed & color , multifont multicolor, insert bullets, images with scroll
3 small tabs to show clock, temperature with images, show & update cricket score online
News Box to show Instant News Text , Images , Make Unlimited News Box & show themone by one
Attractive animated Breaking News special text updating feature , Instant switching
Create Unlimited different - different Breaking News and show instantly what you want.

Breaking News

Create Your own News Style

Time - Weather - Clock

You Are Watching

Now Showing

Coming up

Block Buster


Bottom Advertisement Features
Add unlimited SMOOTH scrolling Format Supported (,gif,swf,jpeg,bmp,Dat MPG.) adjustable size & position
Make Groups of Bottom Advt. and Play them at fixed time by setting them in a group by advt. sequence

Sponsor Logo Features
You can Place 4 sponsor logos on your video channel of any size at any position
In each sponsor logo you can insert unlimited logos by fixing each logo specific display interval
You can Also display each sponsor logo by fixing its on Display Time (eg: 9 am to 12 PM)
insert scroll on top or bottom of sponsor logo , format supported ( gif,swf,jpg,bmp,dat,mpg)

Spot Advertisement Features
Run no. of Spot Advt after no. of Songs ( Fillers) and after No of minutes (when Playing Movie)
Make Groups of Spot Advt. and Play them as Group after no. of Songs & No of minutes (in Movie)
In a Spot Advt. you Can run 1 Scrolling Strip by instant typing and placing on top or bottom
Run Spot Advt at fixed time by setting them in a group by advt. sequence
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