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CRISPIN Dynamics

Category: Shoe CAD

CRISPIN Dynamics

Bringing Footwear Forward with Complete CADCAM

Delcam CRISPIN are dedicated in providing Shoe CAD CAM solutions to footwear professionals worldwide in both 3D and 2D.

Delcam has a highly respected name throughout the world of footwear manufacture. Although this is the core of our business, our products are also used for concept design and visualisation of sample shoes.

With Delcam CRISPIN you have a partner who will help you to achieve faster turn-around in your shoe / footwear design delivery systems. Our footwear solution removes reliance on manual skills, so your staff can work creatively, but with increased accuracy and productivity. Our Products run on the latest Windows operating systems, (and some on others as well). We provide a basic and enhanced level of functionality and support / training for most products. ..

Whether you want to..
- Create last data from solid lasts,
- Create 3D shoe designs to advertising quality,
- Create 2D pattern data, (optimally from 3D design)
- Get real time pattern samples (in 2D or 3D)
- Create manufacturing documentation. CIM
- Get analytical costing information for graded parts, (including parallelogram,SLM nesting data).
... or create a repository for all your electronic last data. We have a solution.

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The intense rivalry in the footwear market demands a high turn around of designs but the trend is to have brands separated from manufacturers and sole departments separated from pattern engineers. Correct communication of ideas and data is essential and getting short lead times on a new style whilst maintaining quality and remaining within cost can result in difficulties; avoiding these problems is key to overtaking the competition.

Delcam works closely with global manufacturers, global brands, consultants and partner companies through our customer base and internationally funded projects. This large pool of knowledge contributes to the development of the product functionality to ensure our customers have the necessary advantage they desire.

Crispin 3d 2.6.16
Engineer 2.6.2
Orthotec 2.6.2
Stitchtec 2.6.2
2dviewer 2.8.1
CrispinLast 2.6.1
ModelTracer 1.13.3
ShoeCost 2.2.1
2D Utilities 2.0.11

CRISPIN Dynamics

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