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  • Date: 23-03-2011, 17:36
23-03-2011, 17:36

Cut Rite Modular V 8.22

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Cut Rite Modular V 8.22

Cut Rite Modular V 8.22

Cut Rite Modular V 8.22

CutRite Modular Version 8.2

Intelligent Communication:

With new modules, higher performance and greater capacity, Cut Rite 8.2 is a comprehensive optimisation program that significantly improves efficiency in cut-to-size operations. In addition, Cut Rite is compatible with ERP/PPC systems and so provides a seamless flow of information from quotation through to delivery. This allows you to speed up your internal processes, to be in full control of all your data at all times and to cut your material and production costs. Boost performance all the way with this intelligent integrated concept.

Which Cut Rite is right for you?

Whether Lite, Practive or Professional: with the latest generation of Cut Rite HOLZMA offers optimisation software that is ideally suited to meet individual challenges. After all, the know-how of the world market leader in horizontal panel sizing technology and the experience of more than 25 years in-house software engineering is contained in the three basic versions. An advantage that pays off.

Cut Rite Modular V 8.22

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  • Date: 23-01-2011, 21:18
23-01-2011, 21:18

polyworks 11 x86 x64

Category: Other Software

polyworks 11  x86 x64

polyworks 11  x86 x64

polyworks 11  x86 x64

polyworks 11  x86 x64

polyworks 11  x86 x64

polyworks 11  x86 x64

PolyWorks/Inspector™ is a powerful software solution that uses high-density point clouds and contact-probe datasets to control the quality of parts and tools at every phase of your manufacturing process.

Inspector allows users to:

• Use high-density point clouds and contact-probe datasets of digitized prototype parts & assemblies to quickly identify deformations and to fix problems in the earlier stage of the manufacturing process.

• Approve your manufacturing process by fully inspecting your first-assembled products.

• Monitor the production cycle by automatically measuring the wear of tools and quickly detecting any abrupt degradation in product quality.

• Verify the compliance of final manufactured and assembled products through sample check inspection using automated techniques.

PolyWorks/Modeler™ is a comprehensive software solution for creating accurate and smooth polygonal models and NURBS surfaces from high-density point clouds. Preferred by automotive design studios worldwide, PolyWorks/Modeler is the only software solution that has demonstrated the capability of creating class A polygonal models for stringent polygonal manufacturing applications such as 3-axis & 5-axis milling, aerodynamic simulation, and digital review. PolyWorks/Modeler also offers a powerful rapid surfacing methodology that delivers the most usable NURBS surfaces in CAD software such as CATIA and UG.

polyworks 11  x86 x64

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  • Date: 23-01-2011, 20:58
23-01-2011, 20:58

Plaxis 8.2

Category: Other Software

Plaxis 8.2

Plaxis is the name of our company as well as our brand name. Under this brand name we supply a range of software tools, courses, seminars and expert services all targeted at the world of geotechnics, geo-engineering and civil engineering.

Our software is based on the finite element method and intended for 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional analysis of deformation and stability of soil structures, as well as groundwater and heat flow, in geo-engineering applications such as excavations, foundations, embankments and tunnels.

Our courses and seminars focus on knowledge transfer rather than on learning how to use Plaxis software. With our Expert Services we help customers with complicated modelling issues and expert advice.

Plaxis Geotechnical Software

Geotechnical applications require advanced constitutive models for the simulation of the non-linear and time-dependent behaviour of soils. In addition, since soil is a multi-phase material, special procedures are required to deal with hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic pore pressures in the soil. Although the modelling of the soil itself is an important issue, many geotechnical engineering projects involve the modelling of structures and the interaction between the structures and the soil. Plaxis software is equipped with special features to deal with the numerous aspects of complex geotechnical structures.

Plaxis software is known for its robustness and high quality. To maintain these high standards we have implemented a chain of quality assurance processes supported by the appropriate tools.

Before any new model or method is generally introduced in either our knowledge transfer program or in our software, it is thoroughly tested and validated. Validation and testing is performed by Plaxis staff as well as by members of the academic society and a selected group of end-users that perform Beta-tests for us.

Plaxis 8.2

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  • Date: 23-01-2011, 16:24
23-01-2011, 16:24

Easy Map Creator Pro by NedGraphics 11

Category: Textile

Easy Map Creator Pro by NedGraphics 11

Easy Map Creator Pro

Easy Map Creator Pro is the advanced version of Easy Map Creator. Work faster and even more detailed with your grid and mappings.

With Easy Map Creator Pro you can accurately select, on a pixel level, which design color needs to be the transparent color. Since the new developments on masking and transparency customers experience the endless possibilities that Easy Map Creator Pro offers regarding the pre-paration of images and dynamically rescale and rotation of your fabrics and designs.

Another popular feature is the ability to pick colors for color assignment directly from the original image or from the resulting image. This function is very useful if you want to color coordinate some part of your original image to a fabric or design that has been mapped earlier.

Easy Map Creator Pro is our most sold solution of the Easy Map Suite.

NedGraphics screenshot Easy Map Suite

Highlights and features

• Dynamical rescale and rotate fabric and designs.
• Identify specific colors for transparency.
• Visually change or shift the origin of the mapping to fit exactly the position of the design within the area to be mapped.
• Advanced polyline options to add or extract selections from segments.
• Import a modified photo from Photoshop for example on the current 3D project.
• Automatic copy function from one grid to the others.

Easy Map Creator Pro by NedGraphics 11

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  • Date: 23-01-2011, 16:16
23-01-2011, 16:16

Assyst Bullmer 2010

Category: Garment CAD

Assyst Bullmer 2010

Assyst Bullmer 2010

Design assyst

Eliminate sample production with this comprehensive and user friendly graphics software package, developed for the clothing industry. Produce storyboards and colour ways, using R.G.B and /or Pantone© colours.

Create and modify fabric designs and visualise the results using the latest draping techniques. Include fabric effects and fills to show accurate and informative specification drawings and illustrations.

Available as a plug-in to Photoshop™

The knitting and weaving modules enable knits and plaids to be created and realistically displayed -
trouser patternCad.assyst

Cad.assyst is an easy to use programme enabling the user to create or modify patterns quickly and accurately.

Patterns can be entered onto the system by digitisation of existing styles or receive them by importation from other software or draft directly on the screen.

Construction and measurements can be checked accurately and modified where required.

Seams added change automatically with pattern amendments and added to split pieces.

The grading functions can be used to create a size range of your choice.

Create ratings or markers to get maximum utilisation of your material.

Nesting can be directly on screen, by automatic placement or

Smart pattern automates regularly performed tasks to standardize and de-skill operations such as facing and lining creation etc.

download document in PDF format (3230 kb)

Takes your Cad patterns, assembles them and tries them on a virtual body.

See how your garment fits in real time, make pattern adjustments and see the effect immediately, see where the material is under tension as the body moves, sits down, turns etc.

As well as dramatically reducing pattern development time, vidya can also be used to create and view made to measure garments.

download document in PDF format (3810 kb)
fit sleeve to armhole with easeMtm.assyst

The made to measure programme enables a reduced timescale from customer order to delivery via an easy, user friendly interface, entering client measurements to produce accurate patterns tailored to the individual’s requirements.

The skills of the tailor/ pattern maker are harnessed in the assyst software to enable a consistent standard of amended patterns.

Customer measurements for made to measure production are easily achieved using data from body scanners.

download document in PDF format (3230 kb)
Dataconv.assyst. conv.cad and Dataviewer

Globalisation of production requires that patterns are sent to other locations.

To save time and money sending hard copy patterns or markers

Dataconv.assyst enables effective communication data with your manufacturers either directly or via the internet using
DXF (Autocad™ etc) drawings can be converted using data viewer

DXF (Autocad™ etc) drawings and data in Gerber™, Lectra™, Investronica™, Microdynamics™ can be converted using data viewer

Organise and centralise the product development data to enable all departments to update and view progress in real time.

Eliminate mundane paperwork and clearly illustrate the product lifecycle from concept to the start of manufacture using comprehensive specifications, bill of materials, measurement charts and reports etc.

Assyst Bullmer 2010

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  • Date: 10-01-2011, 14:19
10-01-2011, 14:19

Express Digital Darkroom Professional Edition 8.9

Category: Other Software

Express Digital Darkroom Professional Edition 8.9

ExpressDigital was founded in 1994 when a hobby photographer and a Windows programmer proposed a way to create custom baseball cards at little league games on-site. Express Digital Graphics, Inc. was born and quickly became the industry-leading provider of professional digital imaging workflow, e-commerce and lab connectivity solutions.

In 2004, DARKROOM was created specifically for the enthusiast and professional photographers to provide a software solution that automates most requirements of any-sized photography business. In 2005, the awards and accolades came in when DARKROOM won every prestigious photography solution award and corporations like Carnival Cruises, Sears Portrait Studios, Noritsu,

Canon and more began demanding the DARKROOM solution for their proprietary systems. Since then, a recent PPA study indicates that 1 in 3 professional photographers use a version of DARKROOM to automate their businesses.

Why all the attention?
It is because DARKROOM™ can do all this and more:

* Sets up studio and on-site job details for invoicing, archiving and marketing
* Directly captures wirelessly or tethered to pro cameras
* Opens RAW, proprietary and standard digital camera files
* Easily catalogs, organizes and archives digital photos
* Enables quick fixes and advanced enhancements of pictures
* Automates custom creation of limitless print products with color, vignette and text variations, over 200 built-in product templates and a library of regularly-updated downloadable templates
* Gives greenscreen technology without any additional hardware or software
* Automatically creates print and digital proof products
* Automatically creates studio and event sales presentations
* Creates standard and custom print packages
* Automates push-button print and built-in drivers for Windows injets and dye-sublimation printers
* Provides instant connectivity to print outsourcing/product fulfillment to over 200 Labtricity Labs

Express Digital Darkroom Professional Edition 8.9

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  • Date: 10-01-2011, 14:14
10-01-2011, 14:14

Holter LX Analysis

Category: Other Software

Holter LX Analysis

Holter LX Analysis Software by NorthEast Monitoring
The Holter LX Analysis Software comes in four levels of functionality: Basic, Enhanced, Enhanced Plus, and Pro.

Each is tailored to address the varied needs of our diverse user community. The software and efficient file structure on which it is built offer the doctor's office, the scanning service or the most demanding cardiac research or clinical applications the fastest and most user-friendly environment.

Compatible with all NorthEast monitors. Industry leading 3 year warranty.

Combine software with your choice of monitors. Monitors sold separately.

Holter LX Analysis

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  • Date: 24-11-2010, 15:48
24-11-2010, 15:48

QS Shoemaster 10.04 Multilanguage

Category: Shoe CAD

QS Shoemaster 10.04 Multilanguage

Creative has undergone many exciting
enhancements throughout 2010
which has brought the software into
a new dimension. With the ability to
work with a touch screen drawing
tablet and a drawing package, the
software is highly versatile and provides
a variety of options for style
Aside from this, new functions also
included the projection of pictures
onto multiple surfaces and a fabulous
materials browser for textures
and components.
We are also delighted to introduce
our customers to a brand new website
especially for designers. Please do visit
us at
We would like to make this site as interactive
as possible and customers wishing
to showcase their work are invited
to send us examples of shoe projects for
our look book!
This release
For QS 10.04 we are delighted to introduce
a new function to lock the scale of
imported pictures during the alignment
process. A very helpful new measurement
tool has also been implemented
to display markers for measures on
This release also provides the user with
many enhancements to the general,
frequently used functions within the

QS Shoemaster 10.04 Multilanguage

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  • Date: 12-11-2010, 13:39
12-11-2010, 13:39


Category: Other Software


IMACAM ADVANCED SOFTWARE has been in design since 1995 and has evolved into the most robust, bug free and affordable database/image enhancement software available. This is a list of just some if IMACAM's features:

* Full screen capture. Most software packages capture very small images, making it impossible to determine if those images are clear and in focus. Our images fill the entire screen when you acquire them
* Inputting patient information is as easy as typing last name ,first name, DOB, then entering twice
* Our network software is designed to be the fastest available no matter how large the database
* HIPPA compliant
* Flexible print features including the ability to zoom an image and then print it
* Easy to use stereo optic nerve review and you can save the images as stereo pairs and print them
* Red free, monochrome, negative, emboss, overlay, RGB
* Annotation, CD ratio measurement and caliper measurement tools
* We integrate with some of the most popular EMR systems


Tags: images, print, software, screen, capture, stereo, features, available, measurement, image, ability, fastest, database, optic, HIPPA, Flexible, nerve, large, including, compliant

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  • Date: 27-10-2010, 16:21
27-10-2010, 16:21

ScanView RipMate 5.1

Category: Sing Rip Print

ScanView  RipMate  5.1

RipMate is a software RIP designed to support ScanView’s DotMate line of
high precision internal drum imagesetters. It runs under Windows NT.
This manual contains the information necessary to install and use RipMate,
including a number of valuable tips about how to get the most out of your
RIP and imagesetter.
A second manual, RipMate 4.0 Workstation User’s Guide, explains how to
install the required software on Macintosh and Windows workstations, and
how to send print jobs to RipMate over a network. Please refer to that manual
when you are setting up and using workstations that will send jobs to
For information on installing and using the optional features in RipMate,
please see the RipMate 4.0 Options Manual.
Since RipMate is used with several different DotMate models, some of the
information in the manual may not be applicable to your machine. Such
information is marked.
Information specific to the imagesetter itself, including installation, calibration,
and the handling of media and cassettes is found in the relevant Dot-
Mate manual for the imagesetter you have purchased.

ScanView  RipMate  5.1

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