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15-02-2012, 17:13

Perfect Cut V6

Category: CAD/CAM CNC

Perfect Cut V6

Perfect Cut optimizer main characteristics are the following:

Minimum scrap.

Easy sectioning.

Optimized cutting lines to obtain reusable tails and sectioning.

Optimized cutting path, with path display, also available "step by step".

Interface towards the most commonly used NC, both by serial port and floppy disk (COPMES, ITALMEC, ELETTROFLEX, IANUA, TRE STELLE, VALMAC, TECNOMETAL, BAVELLONI, BYSTRONIC, BOTTERO, FOREL, INTERMAC, GFPM, CSM).
Perfect Cut screenshot
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Any printer that can be configured in WINDOWS environment can be used.

Double-glazing management, with automatic division in sub-groups according to the number of families used, with sticker management.

Possibility of entering cutting orders even with different material families, with automatic decomposition into sub-problems.

Complete and powerful printing.

Label printing that can be personalized according to the customer's needs.

Reusable tails management, divided according to material families.

Grinding management (it can be different for each side).

Tenth of a millimetre or standard and Taiwan inch measurements.

Optimized management of measurement tolerance (set a one millimetre tolerance on pieces size sometimes can reduce tails significantly).

Management of trimming, of the minimum distance between the last piece to cut and the sheet edge and of the minimum distance between the Z cut and the X cut (necessary to break the glass).

Optimized edge management (allows stopping exactly on the edge in case of a well trimmed sheet).

Z strip management to bypass minimum cutting distance limit.

Vein direction management (for glasses with set direction).

Management of the tolerance on the number of cut pieces (useful for standard orders, in order to finish the sheet).

Management of the possible direction limit on the first cut.

Management of the limit on the maximum number of different measures in the same cutting layout.

Management of the limit imposing that all parts of one double-glazing must be cut within the same layout.

Measurements priorities management (which pieces have to be cut first).

Possibility of ordering cutting layouts according to sheet dimensions.

"Scrap recovery" management, optimizing reusable tail dimensions.

Staggered glass management (also in case of different grinding and dimensions of pieces).

Holes and simple squares can be inserted directly on the piece.

Possibility of setting postprocessor at family level (e.g. float can be cut by one machine type and stratified component by another type).

Description, customer, order and processing displayed on the cutting layout.

3 note fields for labels.

Possible batch mode processing (processing sequence launching, printing, etc.).

Possibility of deleting some layouts (e.g. last sheet not completed) moving pieces still to be cut on a new project, giving it a higher priority to complete previous orders.

Highly configurable.

Possible remote activation of software options.

Problem import/export to/towards ascii files, with the possibility to queue problems.

Interface towards channel bending machines: Lisec, Forel, Valmac and Rjukan.

Cost indication for estimates.

Processing time can be set and monitored.

Background optimization and printing (other activities can be carried out at the same time, like entering new data from a new project).

Direct interface towards shapes (proprietor format, DXF, parametric), that can be activated directly from the optimizer or from the management module, with the possibility of using "methods" such as mirroring, grinding offset, edging, edge advance, scale factor, automatic elimination of entities or of parts of them near the edge of the square containing the shape.

Perfect Editor

This software allows opening layouts given by the optimizer and modifying pieces position or cutting lines, in order to optimize reusable tail dimensions. Generally it is used for the final sheet, usually uncompleted, to add new pieces and use it completely. It is very simple to use and very effective. It is possible to start a brand new project, moving one sheet from the project window to the cutting layout window and inserting all desired pieces one by one, even in multiple mode (until place remains). The project window is used like a parking area where pieces are inserted to be positioned in a different way or in a different cutting layout. Another useful tool is the indication of the dimensions of the biggest scrap areas, since it allows to know in advance whether a piece can fit there or not. Some operations can be carried out before (Rotation, Duplication, Deleting) by selecting the function and then selecting one or more pieces. Pieces can be moved from one side to the other or from the layout to the parking area, simply dragging the piece to the location desired. It is possible to move an entire transversal before or after another one or at the beginning/end of a cutting layout. It is possible to delete one or more cutting layouts or changing their multiple value. By double-clicking on a cutting line it is possible to invert it (obviously it has to reach a pre-existing cut or the edge). This module is perfectly integrated with Perfect Cut.
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